left hook

He sees me in my dreams

Walking with courage tucked in his sleeve

Fast Speed

Destiny Tree

In Harmony

His face leaving no trace




This be a fine place

stop NOT

lead SHOT

Haywood left the house

Eagle courage caught the mouse

Snow cap didn’t go deep blue


I’m a keeper





First day I,ve been up and about.  No pain pills.  I have no pain!!

Hubby is a great dad!  Boys had a group at MHD (Mental Health Department) Parenting Classes.  Hubby made his ‘Intake’ appointment with a therapist.  Lovely not being the only one working on outside relationships.

While hubby and I both work from home, I am out in the public with more frequency. (I produce the grocery list more often than loading the grocery cart.)  This role has been a work in progress.

Four years progressively learning communicating with others, consciously.  Being Bipolar is progressive and yet manageable, at times (right before a manic episode, usually).

Hatching into this world

A runt 

Some of the best folk I know 

serving grunt

P.s. Snap, the title, is relative to my mental state.  Lying in bed with my dark thoughts, looking at my shelf of options (reading, crocheting, beading, face sauna) I held my position against life.  Smooth is how I feel NOW.

NOW ?  It is obvious that shit didn’t last as long as it could have and yet it seemed like a lifetime of pain, relived throughout my horror of a day.  My attitude has been dumpy!!

‘May you love me even when I can not love myself’


I woke myself up from a dream, opened a small can of almonds and ate a few.  closed my eyes and went back to my dreaming.  It was lucid bro!!