March Madness

Luckily, my flow will ebb on

My charge of subsequent ramblings in a sphere of humanism. If I care too much about my thoughts of myself I turn grey and void. My escape can only come with the next rushed moment. I seek my Salvation as if I’m running with it stretched out in hand.  glaring at the imagined reality of TRUTH. Dancing with the very desire which will liberate self from worries, suffering, anxiety ….to name a few!

Luckily my flow ebbs on

I want to tell a good story

I aim to entertain

Pity this not

it had a plot.

Proof read not

Linger in thought……NOT


PIMP me through the portal…..I will bring U bread and water

We did this together.  My sweet heart of past,

there is pain and darkness, there is work that can be done which gets me out of evil.  It is the writing.  Here I am!! Raw Sleep deprived, nutritionally deprived, Feeling better than before. Making a path through the darkness.  Finding out secrets I already knew.  New because they are mine.  these secrets are mine

Starting a fresh

Open flood gates

Leaving the weak hearted weeping for the unknown to transform

(to know)

How this started is more than what I currently understand.  Or, how this ordeal wins , as I write, changing me, (transforming/awakening) .  Make no mistake, the Universe has provided me with, yet another season of sprouts, marigolds and much more,,,,and it’s not even summer.  Technicolor !!!

A flood of healing which amounts to a revelation already known character treats. 

PIMP : A pimp can never be trusted.  iN this case, ONLY IF YOU ARE A MAN

I see once again, I do not owe him anything.  He informed me of that when I called in tears, just know, expressing my gratitude for his enduring me during my years of ‘using’.  Nearly six years have passed with no attempt to contact. For obvious reason.  One being, Pog is 25 years on me.  If I had of stayed longer than I did, (We played house for 5 years) I would not be enjoying my life with justice for ALL!!  ANYWAY

Mostly, if Pog hears from ME….there is something wrong.  And to my understanding there IS.  

My bro is likely in prisoned for life.  My father and I are…..well, we are ???? Peacefull….yes peacefull.  The emptiness I feel with my bro and father have been brewing since the begging.

I don,t know…..ask, Carl Young.

Pog is a man.  A man with many talents.  Our talk lasted 20-25 minutes.  All the while Chad, was with me .  With me all the way.  From the moment I got the message from mutual friend that Pog suffered multiple strokes, total rehabilitation of speech, holding bowls.  This guy is Pog, my sweetheart before Chad.

I am who I am because of my choices/ and I am proud to be living a sober life today.  Thank you GOD

With his tone he slithered his tail up my skirt.  No luck that I was wearing hosiery.  He found his way between my legs with heat of a diamond back basking on a hot summer day.  I natural looking to Chad, for he has been with me (No secrets), he felt the energy turn from Fatherly Role to: PIMP!!

Pod asked me if I was FAT!!

Wouldn’t he like to know…..HA.  The type of girl I am, I would like to tell him all about it.  This character, whom I call ‘Roxy’, is saved by her Knight in Glorified Union w/ my Newly Realized Blessed Life . AMEN


The ordeal to overcome has a unique key which yields to an open heart, till then, floods rush

emotions expelled like unwanted water in a drown victim

Look in the depth, where the hiden eyes revealing itself in the abstract clues of the universe






Being Back is Good !! Back in the saddle again


Am I growing as a person?

My time in a prison

Am I growing resentment

Trying to grip ‘IT’

hOLD FAST to family


Am I growing as a person?

My time in a prison……

Be Welcome 🙂

evaluating my situation

knowing I am part of the creation

Solute absolute insanity

tapping into the deeper part of me.



Judge not my insanity.

Inhuman experience

until then, I get a jolt….of juice

‘Girls’ Night-Out

In posture of observing

soft gaze

nothing disturbing.


With permission to distract

busy 24/7

I relax.


Material and design

complete vision

end product ALL MINE!!


FOUR DAYS progressive focus

end product

flowing ambition nears the surface.



Indignant Servant

Once again, she divorced me today, I never get a say!

Autonomy protects her name, what a pity-what a shame.

Re-activating my feelings about feeding these thoughts, keeping me from achieving my Perfect Imagined Life.

Looking with my inner eye, blackbird go bye-bye.

Feeding her created reality brings ‘NO ONE’ peace, I won’t let her f**k with my Chi.

I am Master Creator of my day, shout it out in a Good Morning moment.

Lift your heart up in praise, Peter Tosh has something to say.

How am I going to get what I want today?  I am going to understand my purpose is for exercising my muscles.  The mind is a muscle.  These relationships rarely last a life-time.  Appreciating the simplicity.  I entertain thoughts that encourage and progress me all the better forward in my purpose to find ‘what works best’, for me!

I go to Rugby practice abstractly representing Mother.  The college team invited me.  In reality, the assistant coach plays mommy role. (I think every situation has a mommy, daddy, brother, sister, gmom and so forth!  It is my goal to see what the situation is in need of ,if I am going to create a place for myself in this group.   I can get on with Anyone/Everyone. With the understood purpose of going to get the exercise, I no longer need to behave in a desperate manner.  I am not asking those girls for anything they are not offering.

Yesterday, I played a sport for the first time tobacco free.  I love my life.

May you be free, as I wish myself free

P.s Currently, my morning routine finds time for Oats and morning movement jam, before heading out for some Indignant Servant work.