Don’t talk to strangers

I remember

I am darkness, anger and pain.  I love them all-all the men. I love You!  I love your women too.  Women have influence.  Husbands dislike it when another man creates excitement in us, they are human.  With maturity this can bring out the best in your man…..I just have ‘NO’ idea how!

Wear my emotions on my sleeve

I can’t breathe

Let me be

Prosperity to us all.


If not to a man….than Submit to TRUTH about yourself !!

With that ‘Right One’, the one who will fight for you! He will want to stay for all that you are, in all your evolving self.  He will do everything in his power to have you….to keep you!


In spite of yourself, it will take everything in your power to submit.  Submit to the decision that you are making: The one that makes him yours.  When we decide something is true…SO IT IS!! The conscious decision to progress into an unknown territory could set you FREE 🙂  Free from the indecision, free from the excuses, free from the powerlessness you hold on to.

At times you will curse and become a monster that always defeats the enemy….and soon, YOU will see the enemy for who she REALLY IS!!

For as long as you are deciding that he is the one, HE SHALL BE!!  Sometimes you’ll be discouraged and feel suffocated by his grip on your reality; so it shall be (as it is).  And he will need you as you will choose to need him. You will discover yourself in his eagerness to build a life with you!

He will encourage you to seek other people, in his honesty you will encompass a safe place to share ALL….and I mean ALL 🙂   The burden will no longer be yours, you will reluctantly give yourself to him, AND BE BETTER FOR IT!!

He may not always have the strength to come to battle.  At times, your passion will supersede his ability to face you and your demons.  The struggle for PEACE will go with him and you will weep with no one to raise your sword!

AND when you rise from your stupor, his LOVE will be awaiting your submission.

AND when you really want to bail, you will become your ugliest, cruelest demon….and his love for you will ALWAYS reveal.  For he is your YANG and you his YING!

You will decide OVER and OVER again…..If not this, than WHAT? The life you once expressed will transform into a progressive existence of pain and suffering.  The person you remember will be no more and from moment to moment; ALL THINGS WILL BE REVEALED!!

And by staying together you will be doing the world good.  You understand life is not worth living without your sanity…without him!  As your empty threats blow in the wind so will you receive the truth.  In holding fast to your convictions you will wither away and be REBORN!!  Born of an imagined and realized harmony with all, within you.

When you spread your legs in submission to his commitment to you, a life of new beginnings will come and so shalll your anger, sorrow, guilt and pain.  YOU will find strength in his ability to anchor down and receive ALL OF YOU!!

And so shall you become ALL of what you’ve dreamed of being, YOU!!


You will find yourself busy 24/7….FIRST, seeking relief in each other.  Not until the sheets stained and the mattress worn will you create life after nymph.  While the cameras still rolling the actor will seize her controlling.

You breath together, eat together, orgasm together, AND DISAGREE WITH ONE ANOTHER!!

You will see him grow and instantly need to show him how much you love, by squirting your juices all over him.  Eyes closed no more while fantasy keeps you behind closed doors.  Eyes wide open, you will seek nothing more…than that moment with true loves kiss, experiencing bliss 🙂  Before you spray, you will look into his eyes and say,


Together you will discover and rediscover the way home, for you will be each others beacon….AND if the Gods see fit, may you be a part of creating a beacon bearer for the future to adore 🙂

The last time you curse him will be because you have decided, made a conscious controlled decision. When it happens again you will really mean it, at that moment, and all the anger and resentment you harbor for the men of your past (particularly your father), you will drown him.  The wave will wash over him and when he doesn’t surface you need to REVIVE HIM.  You will want and need him more than ever….and he you!

Everything good and worth having will become you.  Your life will be filled with love. Your passion will receive a progressive welcome and direction.

When the acceptance of yourself transforms, Spring will ALWAYS be yours….and the flies will nuisance you no more!!

Nothing can or will EVER be in vain….so long as you choose life with all its ups and downs!

So, EMBRACE yourself for ALL you are from moment to moment, and find TRUTH in a world so dark….and know that YOU are already SAVED!!

When your expression becomes overwhelming; eat rice and lentils to enjoy the awakening.  Sit still in your moment of realized truth and choose  YOU, through and through 🙂

When the soles of your shoes are blown out; use shoe-goo to hold them tight 🙂  And if they are too worn to repair; go barefoot 🙂

You will find creative ways to positively express yourself.  These new expressions will help you in your moments of despair.  You will still despair……and in your despair you will find TRUTH and FREEDOM!!

SUBMIT to the TRUTH about yourself!!