left hook

He sees me in my dreams

Walking with courage tucked in his sleeve

Fast Speed

Destiny Tree

In Harmony

His face leaving no trace




This be a fine place

stop NOT

lead SHOT

Haywood left the house

Eagle courage caught the mouse

Snow cap didn’t go deep blue


I’m a keeper




I see RED, and I can’t see at all

Patterns of thought;

I feel loved and unaccepted

tolerated and rejected.

I see red, and can’t see at all.

My verse is short

My fuse is fragile

I see red, and can’t see at all.


where they lead me.

Solutions of Insanity

Pathways to Serenity

I see red, and can’t see at all.

Spying escape from myself

I tear away my mask.

I see red, and I can’t see at all.

My Fans shred away my inhibition.

I walk in submission

Head Held High

eyes turned down



The torture of silence brews in fear of not being acknowledged.

Oad to the world


Oad to the world

my time spent plundering

a treasure never mine……

Oad to you.

It is getting quite cold in here

death is

cold……dark, the darkest kind of cold; rooted to

DESIRE…..’desire for life’





Dreams of a (PIL) Perfect Imagined Live

gains courage


I am on this journey knowing one thing only….(that I don’t know MUCH)

That I get stuck

I get  mugged

I desire blood.



Much time spent

playing ignorant!

My uncontrollable plight

I beg for the night

I wake with horrid fright

I tremble at the sight of my moment to moment strife

Guided by a force unknown

I look to the tools the Universe has shown

My past and future are my present

Like a Christmas in November……

except it is October.

My red turns to bright pinks and purples


I am but MAN

Seeking to understand……

HOw to let go .And let God


Anyone whom admits defeat is a friend of mine. I am powerless over people, places and things today!


Happy Friday as well!!!

‘Sunday Gravity’

A traditional feast.

 Looking forward to spring.

The Winter Equinox .

The Moon.

 Showers of abundant prosperity .

 Receiving the Universe Energy.

Growing and sprouting

Feeding the valley

My roots unknown


connected and honed in





Creating traditions



New Family

Everything is nothing ; nothing is something; We are different and the same; same but yet different.

Each moment offers up an opportunity to create your PIL (Perfect Imagined Life).  Either the number 23 means something to you OR it doesn’t.  The power, in my mind’s eye, is beyond this reality.  Acceptance is key, for me!

WOW, I do that sometimes.  Talk in code; only I understand it.

Does a falling tree make a noise if no one is around to hear it?  

Does anyone really get that?

Saturday ‘Squezze Me’

Looking for activities which connect me with my true nature.

Health and Happiness result from being in harmony with our own nature, and doing the work for which we are individually suited.

Dr. Bach’s Philosophy

Scleranthus is an insecurity flower,

communicating to me

Hopefully I see….BUT if not

the compensation flower use, is key.

To Me,

this place would be


in calming my mind.

Soothing my anxiety.



with what the moment IS ‘presently’

War wages down, all round.

Consciencely, looking to keep my relationships sound.

“Wishing us a prosperous day”

Many times I will say, “May you be prosperous in your day…..”

Keep on doing it…..

lets BE






My three page free verse is half full.

Sending myself to school.

Rebecca once shared, “Write your way to happiness.”

Embrace despair,

grow out my hair!?

Another encouraging voice,

a whispering choice.

(speaks possibility), “Everything imagined is Your perfect imagined reality”

“Everything written plants a seed of prosperity”

I will chant my way to prosperity.

I open my mind to possibility.

Hold on to Joy

Be OK with Me

Turn away from tragedy,


BE FREE ; Creatively;

healthy sexuality;

abandon negativity; Do Not Toy with Me !

I am nearly there

Rushing through my anxiety;


‘lemon balm tea’,

apple cider vinegar ‘tottie’

with a bit of ‘honey’



Manic Monday…..

fun game for the day

any time/every time, TRY to acknowledge one another with a touch or a kiss.

I feel this focus is proactive to a positive expression in the creation of my reality.  GOD LOVES, says Telly…..and I say, “Amen, GOD LOVES”

Love breeds Love

another game

Look at the words that are coming out and when !! For me, I am trying to use a different word (create a new pathway/observe and respond)…..OR NOT !! TO REACT is to reveal my weakness.  My weakness lies in the attachment to the past moment.  I am liberated ,RIGHT NOW, unchanged by gain or loss.  I am able to control, ‘ONLY’ how I am going to perceive my current reality.  Acceptance breeds Acceptance.  

I observe myself with no time’.  “No Time” pushing me into a box, (closed-minded expectation).  It’s not in me to play ‘Mary-Maid’ today…..herbalist enthusiast ? ….LOOKING FOR A BALANCE !!!

The compulsion to speak is one thing…..the words I use when I speak is yet another interesting observatory position (IOP) but the same.  Different but yet the same

Universal Diplomacy // Law of Attraction

When I say a group, I don’t mean a group by the fact that there are more than 2 present. I consider a ‘beneficial group’, one with a guided topic. One where everyone gets a turn and we attempt to validate each others words of expression (perceived perception). Validating others is diplomatic and we like ‘diplomacy’.

We support any party ,Democratic or Republican, that embraces Civil Rights and Mutual Respect.  I read a bumper sticker, ‘It’s not my fault. I voted Republican. One might say, “It’s not my fault you are playing role of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Did someone you think highly of, tell you to say that ? It’s not good enough anymore. Learn as much as you can and tap into the ‘feelings, about your beliefs. Beliefs are merely recurring thoughts I give attention to over and again.  When I experience conflict/misaligned thoughts which don’t match my desires.

Lets say, for example…….  The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Ester and Jerry Hicks p.75

Desire:  I want wise and responsible leaders at the head of my government.

Belief:  The leaders of my government seem foolish and irresponsible.  [
This belief is vibrationally incompatible with the stated desire.]

Belief:  There probably are some talented and wise people, with a strong background and understanding in various areas, working in our government.  [ This belief is vibrationally more compatible with the stated desire.

Belief: I liked what I heard from that government official regarding this issue. [This belief is even more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire.]

For any desire to be realized by you, or before anything can manifest in your life experience, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and beliefs.

Slick and Cool

Some days of mania keep me from schedule/goal

Giving myself the freedom/permission to go with it

Steady going all day, getting back on my feet

Off to make an apron for my girlfriends wedding gift….TOMORROW 🙂

More on mania?

We all like it when life feels good 🙂  And for it to end would mean something less (When I feel depressed life doesn’t seem worth living…BUT THAT’S RUBISH RIGHT NOW!)  


I’m going to ride it/ follow my ambitions for creativity.

Wishing everyone a splendid weekend!!  May we be joyous and free