Observing Creative Date
The Season won’t wait
Putting on hold all my social events
Observing exercise daily
Letting go and letting GOD
Observing the Creator in me
Spending time with family
Clearing out space
Acting humbly
Plant a fig tree


‘Sunday Gravity’

A traditional feast.

 Looking forward to spring.

The Winter Equinox .

The Moon.

 Showers of abundant prosperity .

 Receiving the Universe Energy.

Growing and sprouting

Feeding the valley

My roots unknown


connected and honed in





Creating traditions



New Family

Everything is nothing ; nothing is something; We are different and the same; same but yet different.

Each moment offers up an opportunity to create your PIL (Perfect Imagined Life).  Either the number 23 means something to you OR it doesn’t.  The power, in my mind’s eye, is beyond this reality.  Acceptance is key, for me!

WOW, I do that sometimes.  Talk in code; only I understand it.

Does a falling tree make a noise if no one is around to hear it?  

Does anyone really get that?

Saturday ‘Squezze Me’

Looking for activities which connect me with my true nature.

Health and Happiness result from being in harmony with our own nature, and doing the work for which we are individually suited.

Dr. Bach’s Philosophy

Scleranthus is an insecurity flower,

communicating to me

Hopefully I see….BUT if not

the compensation flower use, is key.

To Me,

this place would be


in calming my mind.

Soothing my anxiety.



with what the moment IS ‘presently’

War wages down, all round.

Consciencely, looking to keep my relationships sound.

“Wishing us a prosperous day”

Many times I will say, “May you be prosperous in your day…..”

Keep on doing it…..

lets BE






My three page free verse is half full.

Sending myself to school.

Rebecca once shared, “Write your way to happiness.”

Embrace despair,

grow out my hair!?

Another encouraging voice,

a whispering choice.

(speaks possibility), “Everything imagined is Your perfect imagined reality”

“Everything written plants a seed of prosperity”

I will chant my way to prosperity.

I open my mind to possibility.

Hold on to Joy

Be OK with Me

Turn away from tragedy,


BE FREE ; Creatively;

healthy sexuality;

abandon negativity; Do Not Toy with Me !

I am nearly there

Rushing through my anxiety;


‘lemon balm tea’,

apple cider vinegar ‘tottie’

with a bit of ‘honey’



No-where but up

Our ancestry is the human race

braking down the disgrace

getting back to what comes natural

seeking to find myself

and when nothing makes sense

I will accept what is !!!

There are some things that we can do, all day long, which only make us the better.

Brewing herbs to ease my nerves

Belly breathing releases happy hormones

In your awesomeness we praise all your glory

Blessed be All Gods people.


Tidal Wave ‘Rave’

When I meditate with Loving Kindness, I am Loving Kindness!

Consistency has a specific meaning, for me.  I am consistent in needing emotionally charged experiences.  I am consistently plunging into social situations, hoping to find some lost piece of myself.

MOST consistent is the other woman.  As for that other woman, we r well acquainted.  She consistently nags and dictates.  The tyrant doesn’t allow anyone any peace.  Sensitive triggers surface, where past becomes present. I am looking for a place for her to stay. Perhaps an institution. ha ha THAT’s IT…….I will send her away-away for good 🙂 a place she can not hurt me any more.

Poem dedicated to “The other woman”

There is something I need to say.

But First, let us pray

A long way you have traveled, worn out is your saddle.

Injustice you have suffered, tampered with and tortured.

Give them hell OR set them free

But as for me and what I seek……

Lets play a game and then see.

As for me, I like biscuits and tea.

Your bag is empty

Show me some sign of empathy

PLEASE, do it for Me

YOur bag is empty

Your heart COLD

Carriage under my stead,

Gods be good

I come in earnest

My ‘One Life’, I seek Liberty

Let her stand fast in her tracks


No looking back


I found something inside myself; even when I least expected it

I heard somewhere; Motivation comes 60 to 90 seconds after one engages in the activities.

Am I there yet ?!

In the most recent events I have found myself up till 2;30 in the AM reading material and studying my interests.

Since the New Year, I have began to send myself to school, reading and taking notes on Pointed Pressure Therapy, G-Jo fingertip Massage, Massage, Homeopathic for Children, the Bible, to name a few!!

Mentoring at the local herbal shoppe; attending committee meetings @ the Mental Health, and I even found myself in the city getting involved as the coordinator of a Mindfulness seminar with Donald Altman ; well-known through his books on mindfulness and nutrition.

I was asked by a gentleman if I wrote the book titled The Joy Compass?  Because I looked like a joy compass.  Well…..that was a nice come on.  No but really, I can’t wait to share my joy compass with everyone here on WordPress and out in the open wide world.

Peace Out