Observing Creative Date
The Season won’t wait
Putting on hold all my social events
Observing exercise daily
Letting go and letting GOD
Observing the Creator in me
Spending time with family
Clearing out space
Acting humbly
Plant a fig tree


3 responses to “Healing

    • Inspiration vibration!!!
      I Thank You MUCH. Since receiving you, a feeling of calm focus is guiding me (once again). Glad to be living in this epic episode of adventure in the forgotten known. Twenty-three days are worlds away…..23 days ago u wrote. We show up exactly when we are suppose to. Amen?
      Did I mention…? Twenty-three is a power number for me.

    • Inspiration vibration!!!
      Twenty-three days are worlds away. 23 days ago you wrote. I am here now, exactly when and where I am suppose to be……here to receive, immortality. Or the next best thing
      Brushing up on my poetry
      Bless you and your family tree.
      Peace sweets

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