Transitional Moments

My in-laws were here for 3 weeks.  Two days after they set out for Arizona I met ‘Soul Sister’.

Soul Sister and I have the same birthday, different year.  We were out and about when a rooster hurriedly crossed 15 ft. front our on-coming vehicle.  WAIT…..’Rooster 2′ brought up the tail!!!!  I am ‘Rooster’, born in 1981.

Do you believe in omens (signs from nature) ?  Does the World reveal answers to Your questions ?  It is ALL FOR US/ You know that though……………………………………………

This is the coming age of Aquarius.  Soul Sister has been on the streets for the past year.  She knows things about STUFF.  I love her.  Soul Sister has a purpose too.  I opened up my bible to read Revelations.  Some how I got ‘Pirates’ bible.  ‘Pirate’ is my younger brother.  (Revelations was missing though).

Do you ever do kind deeds for others and not speak about them to anyone?


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