Manic Monday…..

fun game for the day

any time/every time, TRY to acknowledge one another with a touch or a kiss.

I feel this focus is proactive to a positive expression in the creation of my reality.  GOD LOVES, says Telly…..and I say, “Amen, GOD LOVES”

Love breeds Love

another game

Look at the words that are coming out and when !! For me, I am trying to use a different word (create a new pathway/observe and respond)…..OR NOT !! TO REACT is to reveal my weakness.  My weakness lies in the attachment to the past moment.  I am liberated ,RIGHT NOW, unchanged by gain or loss.  I am able to control, ‘ONLY’ how I am going to perceive my current reality.  Acceptance breeds Acceptance.  

I observe myself with no time’.  “No Time” pushing me into a box, (closed-minded expectation).  It’s not in me to play ‘Mary-Maid’ today…..herbalist enthusiast ? ….LOOKING FOR A BALANCE !!!

The compulsion to speak is one thing…..the words I use when I speak is yet another interesting observatory position (IOP) but the same.  Different but yet the same


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