More Moments Plz

I am aligning with my guidance system.  It ‘feels good’ !!  I know for a fact ASSISTANT is my proper place (at this moment I am aligning with what I have put out into the Universe over and over again).  My dreams are an unfolding moment to moment.  I am attaining my dream to learn about the Herbs/Natural Healing of Mother Earth.

In the past 2 days I have aligned with natural horsemanship (an ongoing connection.  Every thought I put out in the Universe (thoughts I continue to entertain or give attention to), is coming round once again.  I am not surprised.  My connection is rooted deep.

Assistant to my herbalist at her shop.  A professional look !!  I have a tomboy mask, home girl tone, mommy role, cowgirl ‘in toe’


College is a place to develop social relationships, boundaries included.  I put myself in social college every time I interact with others.  I want to experience many roles in this life time.  If not college, then what?……A Family !?  My life unfolded the way it has and I am embracing every choice in every moment to completely align with my desires (ever evolving as they are).  BUT WHAT DO I KNOW… I NEVER MADE IT LONG ENOUGH TO GET ANY GRADES FROM COLLEGE.

May every moment unfold with grace and offerings of a fresh


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