Sunday Confessions

My Babe is ‘scoring points’ !!

My Babe is using her words well

coming out of her shell.

My Babe is crossing her t’s and dotting her eye’s

shedding the masks to stay ‘ALIVE’,


Adolescent till thirty

still painting her nails when there dirty

My Babe is ‘scoring points’

going with the current

discovering purpose

allowing, responding


Neurotransmitters firing.  Chamomile Soothing

Before the Industrial Revolution, 9 OUT OF 10 people worked from home.  I often see us putting others in a box.  This box doesn’t have a revolving door gang.  A place to explore and discover the world and how we might fit into making it a better place.

Where the needs of society and my interests intersect, there lies my career.  ARISTOTLE ….almost Quote

I want to create a life for myself, one which allows me to earn a living through creative outlets.  Creativity is no longer publicly encouraged.  The material is more expensive than the finished product in the department store.  How is that possible?  What is the fair price?

This makes it harder for a home business to stay afloat.  More and More we turn to Cooperate Institutions for survival.  This is hardly liberating.  Liberation is a Re-public allusion.  Eye understand we are a Republic.  I also understand, the way I vote in the grocery store (by the foods I buy) possibly has more of an impact on my immediate reality.

I am not registered to vote.  Never have been, Right!  I, UNTIL RECENTLY, have not been concerned or remotely interested in politics.  At 31, I am becoming more informed and involved.

Neurotransmitters Firing, Chamomile Soothing, Past Educating, Moment Evolving 



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