Universal Diplomacy // Law of Attraction

When I say a group, I don’t mean a group by the fact that there are more than 2 present. I consider a ‘beneficial group’, one with a guided topic. One where everyone gets a turn and we attempt to validate each others words of expression (perceived perception). Validating others is diplomatic and we like ‘diplomacy’.

We support any party ,Democratic or Republican, that embraces Civil Rights and Mutual Respect.  I read a bumper sticker, ‘It’s not my fault. I voted Republican. One might say, “It’s not my fault you are playing role of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Did someone you think highly of, tell you to say that ? It’s not good enough anymore. Learn as much as you can and tap into the ‘feelings, about your beliefs. Beliefs are merely recurring thoughts I give attention to over and again.  When I experience conflict/misaligned thoughts which don’t match my desires.

Lets say, for example…….  The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Ester and Jerry Hicks p.75

Desire:  I want wise and responsible leaders at the head of my government.

Belief:  The leaders of my government seem foolish and irresponsible.  [
This belief is vibrationally incompatible with the stated desire.]

Belief:  There probably are some talented and wise people, with a strong background and understanding in various areas, working in our government.  [ This belief is vibrationally more compatible with the stated desire.

Belief: I liked what I heard from that government official regarding this issue. [This belief is even more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire.]

For any desire to be realized by you, or before anything can manifest in your life experience, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and beliefs.


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