BoxMeUp 1…2….3…bing

Time with men

Time with women

Time with elders

Time with children

I do not fully understand why all of these make sense to me.  I did not read this anywhere.  No one said this to me.  I DISCOVERED IT THROUGH EXPERIENCing (perceived perception).  My box is a different box than your’s.  The geometric and color.  Some might embellish a sued or velvet lining.

Our boxes, ‘the box’ we all create for ourselves looks, smells, taste, sounds (the same BUT different.  In general we ALL put ourselves in a box of beliefs.  Specifically, our boxes will have the same objects in different places.  This box is ever evolving change.  Nothing in my house stays the same.  Well……the kitchen and the bathroom never move.  The rest of the house is fair game.  I love my little ‘adobe hut’

I need to ‘VENT  my BOX’

“ACKWARD” more like corny: ‘Vent my Box’ ……..OR……. Horny ??

How do spending time with people of all ages and ethnic culture help me be a better ME ?  I like this balance.  And hope to elaborate at a later date (that is if you  are interested?) my experience with giving time to each of these groups of people.  Enough time to see something (truth)/which sometimes doesn’t take very long, in retrospect !!

Clues are everywhere (inside us and ALL around us) OF US !!

I have found a way to be around ‘anyone’

I play reporter 🙂  Pen and paper allows me to communicate through AND TOO.  Too Who?  To the Universe baby 🙂









men and women.

AND THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT MY THOUGHTs?  (Helps me better understand how to align with my desires)  The emotions behind my thoughts reveal the deeper truth about ‘ME”


I have entertained/given energy to thoughts of working with ‘Veterans of War’.

Mental Health wants me real bad 🙂 Not only as a patient BUT….they have offered training for a ‘Peer Counselor’ (Basically, some one-off the streets who has found joy in a sober life).  That is MY short version

And on with the music & breath & let go


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