‘Tool Bag Tuesday’ Sliding Scale

Negativity sticks, like mud !!!

The moment a negative stance on life sits next to me

Why do people ask for the Universe to provide and then turn their noses up to the answered prayers ?

I will keep on keeping on.  Rooting for those who have the desire to ‘know for themselves’.  I will Love them, even when they can not love themselves.  The level of connection limited.  The power of the position will determine the outcome.  For example;  If a woman and her position against her husband is strong enough she has the power to end the marriage.  Her position against life awaits the next victum.  Not always the case…..just ‘one case’.  There are many forces that work out side of our control.  The only control I have ?  I seek control over my mind.  BETTER YET, I seek gentle kindness to all living beings (including myself).

Depending on the strength of opposition,  the situation is sometimes recoverable.  (Luckily MOST HUMANS get tired/need rest.  After which time we can try again.) Getting chances over and over and over again/ a lifetime of moments leading up to the ‘BIG….BERY BIG, ‘MOMENT’ ???  The last moment of detachment to this life/death.

The world gets a break.

The Universe can communicate to us in our dreams.

Healing energies tapped into at the fourth level of relaxation (Alpha Level).    Deep relaxation allows the mind to heal the body.

Reference YOU THE HEALER Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone


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