‘Tool Bag’ Tuesday

I have considered creating a dark alter/exercising my expression of anger in a progressive manner, IF THAT IS POSSIBLE.


Darkness has come over me gradually.  I was not born with dark thoughts.  Our minds unconsciously entertain moments of despairing loneliness.  (We become consciously aware of ourselves with the help of contrast in life.  We know better what we want when we understand what it is we don’t want.)


So as to not focus or harness the dark arts I have chosen to seek exercises which bring me closer to my desires.  Desire peace of mind and good will to man…AND MUCH MORE!

MUCH MORE……channeling energies to create magic in my life.

What do I do when the creative energy is stirring?

Create a ‘tool bag’ FULL-up with feel good focus on what I am aligning with the most.  Your going to like this.   Every time you mention or think of something you want to align with, Write down your (PILL) Perfect Imagined Life List.  Every time you mention or think of something for or on the list, write it down and tally mark it.  

My list: Apron sewing project, making my retro furniture, Mr. Lincolns Halloween costume….for example, I could choose to work on each project when I think of it.  If you touch it you get to move it….where to?  Hopefully where it belongs.  Trash is trash.  Attention to trash long enough to get rid of it, and hopefully it isn’t for too long.  Make room for a Newly Realized You (NRY).

We all have ambition.  The birth of a manic phase holds magic.  I need to bring that magic with me through the cycle of depression.  CUZ IT CONTINUES TO COME.  Bipolar/ Manic Depressive 2

When I am in a manic state (I consider this state an observation of the creative self-motivated (outward) and inspired (inward) self.  Any and All of Us already possess creative expression.  Life is a creative expression.

BEWARE depression

I have a ‘tool bag’ to combat/sooth.

Here it is:  When I am feeling good, for example, while I was skimming ‘VERANDA’ magazine I became emotionally charged with some of the eye candy that aligned with my dreamy desires.  I could create a ‘Dream Poster’.  I actually have done that before.  I wonder how they would match up today?!

When I am feeling down I need to have something strong enough to keep me working to achieve goals.  When depressed we lose sight/life doesn’t feel worth living.  We forget about our goals and ambition.

Focusing on a list-list all the things which come to mind when you are feeling good.  I want to have a base station and a cb radio for the car.  How will I achieve this?  I might show up at the Amateur Radio Club, for starters.   


Law of Attraction states I will attract that which I continue to give energy.  My support for the dark alter would be in special circumstances.  Addressing the injustice done is essential to the recovering process.

Displacement of anger is used when the ‘tool bag’ is half empty/half full; it doesn’t rally matter.  If we don’t use the tools needed for the job-job getting us to resign our position against life.  A tool can only be as good as the manipulation I tweak it with.  I mean, what works for me may not be the best approach for You.  So Tweak It a Bit!

What are some tools in Your ‘tool bag’ ?  What sort of exercises help you align with your desires?



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