Why This…? It’s relevant !!

You quit your job, for some guy, and ran off with him?  And, he his?

Yah,” we had five-hundred dollars, fear of the unknown (Actually, we were afraid to journey back to my old stomping grounds.  I was attempting to convince Chad we should go back to my home town to visit those I had left to rot in shit.) excitement , exhilaration for adventure, youth, ambition, God…..AND we were positively, madly in LOVE.

Chads parents resided on a house boat  in Seattle.  1800 miles journey in Sally Forth would bring us that much closer to our destiny.  (Living side-by-side, rooting for one another to prevail in harmony.  Learning, experimenting, struggling, all alone but with each other.  We really had no one else on our side.  Since then my mother-in-law and I are whole heartedly working on our diplomatic communication skills.  (We get on quite well together).

Why This?

I rarely speak of my personal/private relationship with Chad.  This is partly because I want him to be the first to hear it from me.  Most often we are working it out (busy 24/7)  Late hours and extremely satisfying days with our toddler allows me many outlets.  While I do not blog about marriage or how I could be better in my marriage (I have YET  to admit to myself) , I am mentioning it now!?……little by little!!

P.S.  I did not finish the apron for the wedding gift.  I worked hard at it, until it was obvious I was extending the project to be finished by the next Mommy Group!  I will give it to her there.

I am really glad I was able to be there for my new friend.  I was hair dresser for an hour 🙂


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