‘Honored Recipient’

Excitement and Gratitude, I like Your Attitude!!

Isabelle, Thank You for sharing this award with me.

After receiving this honored award from Isabelle @ http://ascrazydoes.com/2012/10/05/thank-you/  I began a journey which led me to Diane Reed.

The One Thing I know For Sure, is a place I have found refuge.  How I found Diane is not important.  The Universe provides!!  A place to snuggle in with a cup of tea, connecting with women of my past, present, and future.   Courage, Strength, Hope and Grace of a devoted, loving, brave, kind Woman.  Courage to be interested in life.  Strength when facing Truth, which is sometimes not kind.  Affirming hope in her prose.

I chose http://dianereedwiter.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/jody/.  This post gives me hope that someday I may enjoy the sorrows of ‘true friendship’ with another woman!  Through much effort, I seek to understand myself better and what all this means to me.  Thanks for sharing Diane.

Cheers to a Life worth being interested in’

writing is her passion and among many talents

truth is her destiny

patience carries the hours away

I am safe with her

pure intention caresses me

over again she progresses on

the urgency to live

sacred and clear

A special thanks to boldkevin, who created this award!

This is what he had to say about the award:

“This award can be awarded by any blogger who has themselves received this award to any blogger who has in their blogging benefitted them.

This is a sincerely created and I hope sincerely given award and all that is asked is that anyone receiving or awarding this award follows these guidelines…


1. That in awarding it to a blogger you simply link it to one of their blog posts which you feel has personally benefited you in some way.

2. You give a brief explanation of why you feel it benefited you

3. On accepting the award you link back to and thank the person who awarded it to you.

When, which and how many bloggers you then pass it on to in return is entirely up to you as the person awarding this award, all that I ask is that you do respect the intentions of this award and as such details and respects the guidelines above.”


5 responses to “‘Honored Recipient’

  1. Emotional Mommie, I am dumbfounded. I have seen these awards and I wondered about them and what they were but this is my first and I am humbled and honored and want to really spend quality time in receiving it and gifting it and relishing in your wonderful words. I want to thank you. This inspires me so much more than you know. Thank you my new sweet friend.

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