How Can This Be So??

I’m In and Out

no doubt

Blood panel came back

While cleaning I found a Shot-Gun, for the first time

I never noticed it before

Been some time since I wanted to settle the score


Poetry allows my complete vision

A diet of greens and fruit

Throw in a bit of Whole Grains

got to bring my cholesterol down

Triglycerides and LDL are above my anticipation

being that I am healthy

7 years now since I tweaked

had a crazy lucid dream

Perhaps, no more coffee w/cream

sugar be poison to me

how could this be

no more cookies

my body, mind, and spirit are free

I feel GREAT as ever

lets check this out, one more time and see

by Monday I will have consumed




1 glass wine


green juice w/carrot

avoid the sugar and dairy

want to take an honest look at my belly

how much fluid do I drink

compare it to amount expelled

something is not balanced

what a great time to be interested

thanks be to God, I’m already saved

whats left is my choice

want to get interested in my voice

I received a call this morning.  TRIGLYCERIDES are high/LDL high/HDL (good cholesterol) low/ OTHER  cholestorol…high. WTF…? OVER!!

I am going to enjoy ‘Girls’ Night-Out.  No more worries.  I can make this a lot worse than it really is.

I am well and intend on getting BETTER STILL!!

P.S.  Perhaps, I need more greens and fruit in my diet.  I am off to ‘eat an apple a day keeps the doctor away’…so it goes!!!


3 responses to “How Can This Be So??

  1. Food is so personal, so I’m hesitant to suggest it because it isn’t “popular.” Have you looked into a Paleo diet since what you’re currently doing isn’t working? Just a thought, so please don’t shoot me! 🙂

    • I prefer, eating foods which are compatible with my chemistry. (I am currently REFUSING Pharmaceutical use. I want to discover a way of life, one I can thrive and be the better for it.) I like to have my YES gun loaded. And am glad you took a leap. Life is ‘personal’, I love personal!! I am looking forward to looking closer to my kitchen (my goal is to improve my health). Any suggestions are welcome, ALWAYS 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Melia.

      • Pharmaceuticals are overused, in my humble opinion, so good for you for looking for ways to thrive without them!

        There’s a great book out called IT STARTS WITH FOOD by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. They have a blog, too, you might want to check out.

        Good luck with finding a way to thrive instead of just survive!

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