8 days’ a wk


Just want to say,





Plunging into this completely

Knowing 2 months now

I am sneaky

Ingrown toenails are a PAIN

False comfort I must ABSTAIN

Take the bone spurs, by the way

Looking forward to this day

Herbal medicine for parents

Heck, don’t leave out the peasants 

He sees Us and wants 2 be Us

I see Him and can’t believe it

Home birth we committed

My Son and I are smitten 

Loving glances hubby pleas 

Soon be time for him and me

I am dealing with ingrown toe nails, since I can’t remember when.  I also have bone spurs which affect my floor routine (We enjoy couples message).

I have kept MOSTLY quite about the upcoming event, due to MOST folks horror reactions.  They can NOT help themselves.  I understand someone who doesn’t have to deal with this particular issue has no clue as to the process I have gone through to get here.  And quite frankly, the response strengthens my choice to FINALLY take care of the business which knocks at my door EVERYDAY! 

Focus and Interest amounts to success!

I have a Power Team, as I refer to them.  These people include folks who validate my purpose in regards to my Body, Mind and Spirit. (The social acceptance I receive financially is not Un-related.)   Mutual cooperation with a CLEAR PURPOSE allows us to be friends.  I am choosy when it comes to who am I going to trust with my religion (religion pertains to everything from; the milk I chose to drink to; the rituals I quietly practice)

My greatest Power Team member is my Hubby.  Without his support I would not be able to venture out with such a clearness and appropriate placement of my relationships.  While I am still a sexual being, with needs and desires, I no longer need to pursue negative reinforces. (Anything which can be characterized as being a vexation to the soul.  Such as loud and aggressive behavior/keeping company with those You do Not respect) 

OOOOooooo, I will be cautious where I take this, but for NOW………Its ALL GOOD!!

P.s. When I realized where I was, in this moment, Chasing an answer I already had access to, I fell to me knees in Humility (not literally, I was engaged in a social event)….My angels gathered round

I will do better to remember them before I get to caught up in my day.  I was going with the motions with no clear focus.  I felt out-out-of-alignment.  I took a sacred moment with my Power Team Member (Herbalist/Energy Worker).  In mid- stream, I discovered ‘WHERE I NEEDED TO BE/ at that moment I realized my day was waiting for me ‘AT HOME, WITH MY BOYS’.

Wishing You Well, as I wish Me Well!!

I’m pretty sure 🙂 I thought about each ‘ONE’ of You today.  Love and Light


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