Looking for a reason to be pissy………

A vow of silence reveals my desire to control the environment around me (words have the power to influence others toward a perceived reality I am entertaining/creating).

Today I will visit M with light to share and time to spare

A vow of Silence/offering of Universal Justice

Kindly redirecting thoughts of peace, unaffected by gain or loss

Let Equal rights be my intentions and motives

History works my psyche into a frenzy

Displacement of anger (anger, for that matter) steels moment from me

Long revisited thoughts remain my commander

Peek into myself with slander

I have these skills creating new neurotransmitters (new pathways of thinking)

Spittin’ THREE pages of Free-Expression

Gaining a new obsession

Choosing a better feeling thought

Finding a peace, so long I’ve sought

Oats w/Local, Organic, Unfiltered raw honey heating up the fire within

Waking up to align with my desire, unaffected by the environment around me

Praying for grace of continued humility


Share your light

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