Upstream Thinking…..bump…bump!!

While I agree with allowing ourselves to process the roles we play in others realities, I give myself a SET amount of time. For instance, when depressed; I will hide under the covers clinching the actions of others, flinching at the result of current vibrational alignment (up-stream thinking), cry tears of injustice for humanity…….FOR ONLY 15 minutes. THEN, decide to follow a better feeling thought!

Recently, a girlfriend of mine broke up with me for the second time. Experiencing injustice battering of a kind soul (that being ME),I revisit for days, even weeks after the break-up.  Every time I give this thought energy (dominate activation) I am attracting that which is like unto the thought…..(MORE THOUGHTS JUST LIKE IT/MORE PEOPLE TO SHIT ON ME). These thoughts are out of alignment with my desire-desire peace of mind undisturbed by gain or loss!

When I revisit the Wrong Done to me(Over and Over) I am attracting more of that vibration, which is out of alignment with my desire (no matter the ways of the world) and causing me grief and suffering, missing out on the good life (THIS MOMENT TO BE FOCUSED ON A GOOD FEELING THOUGHT).

I, sometimes, hold a position against life and refuse the GFT (Good Feeling Thought).  LESS OFTEN

Sure, experience the pain of perceived injustice you have endured, ONLY FOR 15 minutes! After which time you will consciously choose a Better Feeling Thought. The goal is to avoid impulsively reacting to surrounding situations. Use your ability to create your own PIL (Perfect Imagined Life) within any circumstance. Deliberately choose a better feeling thought and (begin to understand your creative invincibility. In time you will be able to maintain your connection to your own desires no matter what is going on around you. And as you learn to exercise your vibrational control, only good-feeling situations will find their way to you. Hicks, Deliberate Intent pg.62)


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