Wish Me Luck

I’m crazy with ideas

Flooding to find a Focus

Drifting toward seclusion

Trying to avoid the confusion

My emotions creep out

Leaving much to doubt

Compulsion makes a bid

I want to crawl out of my skin


I have work to do…..I GET TO DO ;0)

Equipped with, The Everyday Writer and a clear Purpose!

My purpose is to find the intersection at which my interests and the needs of society meet.

I see the big picture….Really I do!  I know you can’t see more than I share.  It is my goal to CREATE a job for myself at the Mental Health Department.  Prepared with a rhetorical question.

Who Knew?  Exercise and diet reduce depression and anxiety.

  • How do you solve a problem like depression?
  • How do you catch the source and pin it down?
  • How do you keep dry in a rainstorm?
  • How do I hold a candle of hope with no fire?

These are all questions with many proposed answers, at which none of us try!!

I have a morning ritual I want to share with all those who need support in their newly realized PILL (Perfect Imagined Life Lessons)

I can see clearly now the rain is gone.and something about obstacles?

Some of us are in need of discovering healthy way of living.  For me, I have been aligning to this desire for….well, my whole life, thus far!  The routine I am aligning with provides me with expression in writing, dancing (free movement), socializing, eating…to name a few.

Anyway…..I am setting a goal.

  • Goal: Prepare and Present a research project to the Mental Health; informing and persuading a program which allows folks to partake in a free movement session, breakfast and free writing (3 pages min).

Basically, the presentation will include research and sources (other than myself and my practices) which support these three concepts for recovering a healthy life (Creative/Invigorating Expression), the physiology/psychology  behind these practices and much MORE!!


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