A Diplomatic Meat Eater

Looks like you’re stowing the food away rather than eating it!!

Each can good and frozen piece of meat is clouding my sight.  I DON NOT KNOW WHAT TO EAT!!  I brought home eggplant and squash, probably two weeks ago, and didn’t eat them.  We make a trip to the store house once a month.  Today I stopped in to check out the action.  Had a great social event, by the way!!  In the box was MORE CAN GOODS, cereal (yummy, and good for you), a peach pie, mac and chez….all the items I would not buy if I went to the store.   I am grateful.  You won’t EVER see Americans go hungry.

When buying cases of food, because the store has tricked you, I have my favorites.  Hormel chile is pretty good.  I add a can of diced tomatoes and seasoning.  When it is Chads kitchen, we eat plain Hormel Chile.  Cans of Tuna are less processed than beef, for instance.

When motivated to heat up the kitchen, I will buy what I need for that specific meal.  Get my fresh foods that way.  If it weren’t for the canned green beans I am feeling guilty about, I would eat fresh brocoli instead!!  When life happens and not your kitchen, try this….Rice and Lentils result in a complete protein dish.   I was indulging in the mouth experience, rather, my belly wants Oats (whole grains).

continued……NO THANK YOU, I DON’T EAT MEAT!!  Revised: I don’t BUY meat and rarely eat meat! 

Bacon is hard to resist…….

I am now aware of the social dilema this statement causes.  Many people say, “I can’t do that, I need meat.”  I thought that too, before-before I tried it and discovered my belly.  My experiment includes the developing discoveries about My Kitchen and the kitchens of Western Society (the few that I visit).

A significant 2 1/2 months later…..

When I quit taking Trazadone and Lithium I also accidentally discontinued All vitamins (including: multi, cranberry, L-Lysine, flaxseed oil, folic acid, D3 + Calcium), became more conscious of my kitchen (altered my diet), started a daily Movement Regeim (stretching, core strength building, 20 minute balls-out) and quit partaking of tobacco.

Becoming more aware of what I put into my body and what comes out

The less processed goods I consume the better I can access where my energy and good feelings come from.  After eating whole grains for 2 weeks I ate some meat (offered to me socially).  I am avidly dedicated to my health.  I am NO fanatic though……

…..the Buddha was on an extended fast when he finally gave in to a bowl of rice.  He describes a one-time conscious  awakening from the experience.

I have since cut down on bread 90%.  I have lost 7 pounds.  My energy and mood improved by 60%.  My dream state is more vivid and communicative to my conscience awake-self.  I can better see how my body responds to the food I consume.

I have found my nervous system doesn’t like more that 1-2 cups of coffee a day! Also……..my BM’s work just fine when I consume more grains than animal fat.  I eat Brown Rice and Oats everyday!!  No soda pops (no corn-syrups)

This is a way of life!!  A newly realized Perfect Imagined Life where I always maintain a perfectly Healthy Body and Mind.  Indulging in things I can do All day long and ‘Only Be the Better because of It’



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