Someone Thought of Me….My First Award!!

One Lovely Blog Award

A special ‘Shout-Out’ to my lovely fellow blogger Jen @, who continues to share her support and inspiring words.  Thank you so much for thinking of me!

My WP family undoubtably validates me, in many ways.  I hope to continue our journey together with the willingness to be open and supportive.  I follow a large array of Creative Works.  I dig rigorous honesty, good health (physical, mental, and spiritual) and Universal Love, to name a few!

Awareness of our desire to have a better life will continue to attract a better life!  If ever a question arises as to ‘what to do’, there is no better thing than to Love them in spite of themselves!   And so, practicing Acceptance will bread Acceptance!  

Seven random things about myself

1. I love watching someone else vacuum

2. When I have a horror thought, I pucker my lips  slightly and blow (over and over) intensity of the blowing depends on how strong the thought

3. I burn smudge sticks

4. I make the best pancakes, from scratch

5. I want to start a band

6. I like to drive with 2 feet

7. When I walk a dog, I like to close my eyes and let him lead me

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11 responses to “Someone Thought of Me….My First Award!!

  1. Congratulations and many thanks for thinking so highly of me on this occasion. You have a wonderful weekend and warmest wishes in all your undertakings. 😊

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