Indignant Servant

Once again, she divorced me today, I never get a say!

Autonomy protects her name, what a pity-what a shame.

Re-activating my feelings about feeding these thoughts, keeping me from achieving my Perfect Imagined Life.

Looking with my inner eye, blackbird go bye-bye.

Feeding her created reality brings ‘NO ONE’ peace, I won’t let her f**k with my Chi.

I am Master Creator of my day, shout it out in a Good Morning moment.

Lift your heart up in praise, Peter Tosh has something to say.

How am I going to get what I want today?  I am going to understand my purpose is for exercising my muscles.  The mind is a muscle.  These relationships rarely last a life-time.  Appreciating the simplicity.  I entertain thoughts that encourage and progress me all the better forward in my purpose to find ‘what works best’, for me!

I go to Rugby practice abstractly representing Mother.  The college team invited me.  In reality, the assistant coach plays mommy role. (I think every situation has a mommy, daddy, brother, sister, gmom and so forth!  It is my goal to see what the situation is in need of ,if I am going to create a place for myself in this group.   I can get on with Anyone/Everyone. With the understood purpose of going to get the exercise, I no longer need to behave in a desperate manner.  I am not asking those girls for anything they are not offering.

Yesterday, I played a sport for the first time tobacco free.  I love my life.

May you be free, as I wish myself free

P.s Currently, my morning routine finds time for Oats and morning movement jam, before heading out for some Indignant Servant work.



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