Still Cooling Off

I am building a network of complex desires.  I understand the summoning power of desires.

My environment stimulates personal preferences.  Spoken or not, these preferences cause me to offer vibrational emanation (asking).  Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself) answers my vibration with like vibration.

Hicks, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent


Whenever you think a thought, you activate that thought vibration within you.  Whenever a vibration is activated, other thoughts that match it come to it, making it easier and easier to think that thought.  As you often return your focus to that activated thought, it becomes a dominate active thought, or a belief.   (A belief is really only a thought that you keep thinking.)  And of course, the Law of Attraction makes it easy for you to continue to think the thought, because your focus upon it, and the subsequent activation of the vibration of it, cause the Law of Attraction to bring you more thoughts like it-and therefore more evidence of it.


I get what I think about?  You get what You feel about what You think about!

How about those feelings?

I have eyes within my eyes, toward my inner eye 🙂


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