Smoothie Me September

How am I going to be ‘Smooth’ throughout my day?

I have a connection with tobacco for all my lie. The smokers in my family, I have never counted but can name a few. Grandmother, Great Aunts (2), Uncle, Father, Mothers all have had strong relationships with their tobacco.

On the way to school my dad would purposely smoke us out, chain-smoking with the windows up.  I moved in with a smoker shortly after high school and have been sparking it ever since.  I will be 32 in February.

Everybody knows the physical danger of tobacco use.  Carcinogen is any substance,radionuclides, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.  I am discovering a mental awakening. A way of life, my Perfect Imagined Life-where I am always maintaining a perfectly health body and mind. Sugar may be more poisonous than Nicotine! The smoke from burning tobacco is full of carsenagines. I do- not know the health risks of Nicotine.  Less than that of carcinogens, I suspect!

I am going to elaborate for a moment;

Only a smoker could understand how strong tobacco addiction is. A new life is ahead of me. I need something just as strong or stronger to Teleport me through the pain. I am not a smoker. I vape. Http:// My favorite flavor is Coconilla Haze and Jungle Fruit. I smoked for 14 years. I have tried to quit, before discovering the e-cig. It is not the e-cig alone that will keep me from buying a pouch of tobacco. I’ve had the e-cig for months now.

What is different this time?

I need things in my life I can do all day long and be all the better for it

What do we do now, that we are not smoking tobacco?

Well….that is what the next 30 day cool down is all about.

I will be blogging about my newly realized Perfect Imagined Life.   Sharing Power Points of my programming.  I am reprogramming my way of thinking and acting.I expect this to be a way of life. To many times I have tried dieting my tobacco use. I will always think of it as a new way of life (living for the appreciation of the moment). A liberated life where I get to observe and embrace.  This smoker was living for the next fix.  This non-smoker is living for the next fix!  Fix me up with things I can do everyday all day long and be all the better for it.


Power Points

  • Allow myself to be excited and interested in discovering life, without ‘specific attachments’.

I am enjoying a whipped coffee.  It is my 3rd one this morning!  I know coffee has an effect on my overall health.  Recently I have gone all day without coffee. (I was sick and drinking tea.)  Two-weeks of hacking and suffocating is just the beginning of my journey toward healing my body and mind.  I will always maintain a health body and mind!  I hear after 7 years my lungs will be renewed completely.

Without the clutch of tobacco I have more time on my hands.  I am taking a vow to use the next 30 days to research other perspectives on issues that I have questions.  I expect I will be reporting more on the physical routine I will be getting into.  I am going to prepare a self propelled research project and present it to the Mental-Health department.  I will be proposing they help me with my Perfect Imagined Life by Creating a job for myself.

My plan is ever-evolving….just like my expression of it here.

Summing it up

The next 30 days I will be looking at my expression of life in a new light.  I am looking at how I spend my time in all aspects of daily life.

My goals include reading/writing, dancing/crying, music/meditation, exercise/focus.

Join me for more later.

Peace out




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