Bringing my Writing to a new level

I know I am asking a lot from you, the reader.  I am asking you to open your minds to see what flows in.   I am asking for your patience in getting to know me and accept me, without attachment.  Please do not be discouraged when you get ‘No Validation’ from me!  I write in code ,for those who have hidden agendas .  I speak of awakening our individual senses to a Perfect Imagined Life .  I ask you to know yourself, own up to yourself.  I respect that!!  I do not respect someone who doesn’t get what they want and gives everyone else the credit for ‘making’ them how they are.  If I want coffee, I will have coffee….and if anyone wants to join me I will make enough for 2.   I have to get what I want-create that which I chose to give attention.  If I give a thought about myself enough attention, I will make it true (I will close myself in a box with my attachments).

This blog is needing more elaboration.  I am flooded with self-realization and have unpublished understandings about myself and the human nature of my primal existence.  I am me.  In the very raw I am expressing me, which is not really me (more like an abstraction of me)!  I hope to bring my writing to a new level.

Broad content issues will liberate me and others from confusion; about me and my perceptions.  Some of my readers have not shared my understanding.  That is understandable.  In the flood of emotions and interpretation of them, ‘I’ am my audience.  (Who am I living for anyway?!)

Most readers expect you to be their guide-help them understand your meaning.  To underscore these expectations, we are reminded about these five content issues: (1) USE OF SUPPORTING EVIDENCE,  (2) USE OF SOURCES, (3) ACHIEVEMENT OF PURPOSE, (4) ATTENTION TO AUDIENCE, AND (5) OVERALL IMPRESSION.

This is the conversation in its precise duplication.  And this is my interpretation from a few different perspectives.  First perspective being, ‘Mine’ and the other being one of many other possible perspectives, which is ALSO, ‘Mine’

What you are is different from what you where, before you made the choice-choice to investigate a different perspective (think out-side of the box).   In the use of the word, ‘Mine’ , in its obvious overdoneness, I am attempting to strongly imphasize my understand-understanding the perceived perception, I chose (submit to), is not done out of ignorance.  I am doing the work empowering a deeper truth (seeking the knowledge to truly understand myself, as best I can).  

What I understand?  In the sense of ownership (‘Mine’), I am attempting to connect with a deeper understands of the essence of the word.  The pure essence of me is not defined by my perceptions.  I am separate but yet the same as my thoughts.  I create my reality from moment to moment.  My true essence is ua-attached to gain or loss.  When I give attention to an object I am making it true in my perceived reality.  When my perception is birthing from a non-attached outcome (agenda), ‘Mine’ perception is out of the box, if you will (liberated from attachment to the previous perception).



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