A feminist would say the same about a man who doesn’t provide materialistic security for his family. How secure are any of us in this volatile economic system, Really?
Is it truth to say, a system that would want us give them our power seeks only to trick us into believing that is what would make me happiest. Owning a home outright is what gives a person security. Security threatens the governments power over us. Is that why a percentage of folks will always pay rent. How is that fair? Confusion at the home front weakens our defenses against ‘The Lie’.

The Lie is not separate from our created reality. It is up to each of us to ask the write questions, question the answers, and answer the questions. Clues are everywhere (internal and external clues ).

My economic standing is far less relevant in an economically troubled economy. House-husbands are essential in an economy that pushes women’s liberation. How blessed we are to have men embracing roles as providing fathers and women who embrace and therefore create the man they need.
I love my husband most when I see him with the children. I say, “A man who can provide for me emotionally is just the man I imagine for my Perfect Imagined Life.” Our families adjust with the changing times. Our purpose in discovering a Perfect Imagined Life is no less important than the ignorance of society. Society tells us we need a shiny car to be happy. A job that keeps us from our truest realized selves (increasing divorce rate). I need more time, so as to discover how to work out my social relationships in a way I may be able to give my family unit more attention. No job or career is going to keep me from providing my family with the emotional support they need. I thank you for the topic and letting me share

I did, JUST, watch the video.  I would like to first agree with you.  Being a parent is a full-time job.  Being present, even as a looser, is a full-time job.  Men who are tending to the little ones are no losers.  The balance of a husband and wife is priority to the balance as parents!  Our children will respect their father and mother as their fathers and mothers respect one another.
Western Civilizations spiritual poverty is worse than physical poverty of Easter Civilization. I say this for 2 reasons. It is well-known that more Western folk are seeking salvation through the teachings of Eastern philosophy. Eastern Civilization only needs to be liberated from interfering forces of our military. Subject worthy of investigation.

In the video spokes person states the middle class melt down of men’s carreers has left the women forcefully taking on financial responsibility of the family unit. My opinion-Men like my husband, 37 yrs., have college degrees and at one time where supporting a family on 70,000 – 100,000 big ones a year. Plenty to provide for a women with basic security needs. Then why was that not enough for his previous wife.

She, like so many, got a degree of her own (liberated herself from needing a man financially). She left him for some pitty ass shit that hardly even mattered, compared to splitting up the family over it. Out of the men who don’t have careers in the field they acquired degrees for, how many of them had a family only for as long as it took the woman to get bored.

His ex still holds a position against him and continues to sabotage the undeniable relationship between the two adults. Their reality includes a 12 yr. old daughter who is shown the ropes by her mom. The respect which society gives our upcoming generation, of men and women, will be up to the current mothers of our future.


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