Life above all else!

Life is happening for ALL of US!

Life is awaiting a fully realized and glorious expression of itself.

Try This

Herbie Hancock, Future Shock for a wake-up movement jam.  

Lifting weights to my moment

Looking to start a band

Practicing with no hands

The pain was

The force eating me up inside (opposing force is that strong and stronger; in order to teleport through the pain.  This happened when I became pregnant (teleported me out of myself, while, focusing my attention inside of myself).

Teleport through the pain.  As if the very experience causing the pain is held onto, we play with the pain until we are through and then we move through-searching for something better.  A place where we tend to the thoughts we have about ourselves.  A focus on the things we can do all day long and be the better for it.  For the moment to release ourselves of the confines of the world.   Extending our mindful experience to the bigger-stronger-deeper TRUTH!

For Me, in this moment of truth, I am harnessing the energy of the Universe and attracting that which is like unto myself.

I see one distraction which I can attach no longer.  For the pain is too Great.  The time spent justifying my use of tobacco is worthy of other expressions (attachments).  Empowerment awaits each moment of pure energy love expressed through my gratitude for life. (Through my focus and clarity I will align with that which I attract to myself.)

I am thinking and professing, “This is the best time of my life, thus far.  By letting go of the very thing that is causing me so much pain (All you smokers out there know about pain) I will always maintain a health body and mind.

Life is a dismal existence, being attached to tobacco.  The pain I speak of is only because of my attachment to the very thing holding me back from my perfect imagined life. Amen!?

Now I have the time and space in my mind for emptiness, focus, clarity, meditation…TIME WITH MY FAMILY.  I have the freedom to breath and rejoice in this great journey.

I am attracting that which is like unto myself, while the rest is only my history (NOT WHO I REALLY AM).  Not the beginning nor the end.  My moments filled with experiencing life for the ‘first time’ without the illusion that I need tobacco.

What I really want is to Live Forever!

If I am not living for the next fix than I can freely receive that which I truly want.  I want my perfect imagined life.  Think and I create.

I want to thank my WP family for consistent devotion to yourself ( ) and the courage to share it with me.  A family that writes together, reads together, loves together, crys together, laughs together-together we can heal.


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