Friday Favorite…..!! Common Usage of Words!?



This is no marriage! There are many times in a relationship when I don’t understand what the other is trying to say. Text messages are passer-by words that get left undefined. Often times, in my relations with people other than my husband, I don’t get anything else.

I am going to share a short Text conversation:

Employer: How are you this day?  Did those meds help any? Send a report when you feel up to it.  Healing thoughts sent your way.

Employee Response: Thanks for the blessings, Jane!  I felt a shift in my condition last night.  My caugh has changed, for the better.  More rest is in order.

Employers requested retort: Thanks go the good report.  You rest and we’ll keep healing thoughts cingular

This is the conversation in its precise duplication.  And this is my interpretation from a few different perspectives.  First perspective being, ‘Mine’ and the other being one of many other possible perspectives, which is ALSO, ‘Mine’


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