Breaking Boundaries…..with Pog the Mysterious

Brave was he (Paula’s boyfriend), treading in the territory of Pog.  Paula’s hide out was discovered.  The days she had been absent were spent at Pog’s.  With no solution as to what to do next, Paula fell back into the arms of a known murder.  Pog’s and Paula’s adventure doesn’t end there, but continues on a more intimate level some years later.

Pog returned from Vietnam with 2/3 his body burned, exposure to agent orange, a heroin addiction which developed into a newbane crutch, and a later discovered chronic illness called hepatitis.  Pog lived through Vietnam, a motor cycle accident, women, kids, a beating that would have killed any (normal) cat.  Pog’s story is an adventure of its own and worthy of our time and attention.

Argument could be made, he never went out seeking those who frequented his place.   While experimenting and experiencing emotional awakenings many addicts stopped in for undeniable comfort Pog offered.  Sometimes the comfort of the needle was what they got instead.  But, Pog was always offering comfort.

The position Paula holds against him is strictly on the grounds of providing a young women with a place to discover herself .  The idea that she may have been worse off anywhere else frequently evaded her in the course of her stay with Pog.   Off and on for five years Pog continued to allow her to return.  Taking a breather from Pog (Paula’s way of not looking at herself), Paula found herself living with a murderer and child abuser.  This was unknown to her in all her ignorance and escape.  Jack’s ugliness soon became evident.  In the months in which Paula was free from meth, her situation was more dangerous than she realized.  It is no dowt that the social situations evolved within the boundaries of drug users, liars, murders, thieves, manipulators, and paranoid individuals are among the many invaders of happiness.

Life is far and wide in the knowledge that Pog could have achieved something more with Paula.  What Pog did achieve has merit.  Paula needed a friend and some would say Pog was anything but.  With Pog’s reputation and Paula’s addictions to destruction, they managed to create an environment which helped save Paula.  This knowledge is known by Paula now, in her recovery!

The first time Paula met Pog she wept in the absence of her mother.  Many positions against life had fallen into Paula’s lap.   Youth or ignorance fails to describe the pain of a young woman with no future in sight.  Only loss and suffering occupied Paula’s present moment.  Paula was looking for her father again, in yet another man who might have been more capable of giving her the love she needed  than any other.


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