Sunday Confessions….tool belt!!

My ‘PooP’ tells me everything I need to know about my health!  I will refrain from sharing details.  All you need to know about is Your ‘PooP’!!

EVERYONE POOPS By Taro Gomi is a great potty training book.  My son is ready for a stool and seat extension for the big potty.  He likes to climb.  So I will give him places to practice his supervised climbing!!

May we discover a proper diet for our health-May we always maintain a healthy body and mind-May we feel better than before.

Our emotional diet; Our spiritual diet; Our physical diet; Our social diet…….all the things we do daily which make us better because of it.  A journey discovering healthy expression of our emotions; mindful of ourselves in the non-physical pure energy, focus in our bodies, discovering balance between what’s shared with strangers and savored for your family to discover with you. (I practice sharing with my husband before anyone else.  If there is anything emotionally charged I am cautious in speaking the fresh new understandings to strangers.  I am no longer asking for those folks to take power over me!!  I empowered by the strength of our family unit.)

Let us take a look at our surroundings for a moment, as a whole!  They will tell us something about our internal housekeeping.  This home is lived in-discovering organization and proper placement of the physical objects which make sense in Your expression of life.

May our tool belts evolve into that which we are attracting to ourselves!!  When I am making my house cleaning belt I will keep in mind the tools I will be needing for the job.


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