Dry Patches!?

Even so far as we have come on this journey in our physical bodies, we hit dry patches(humanism).  I ask myself which way to go and often revert to a thinking that is fear based.  I desire more moments of peace and understanding-understanding of my purpose and everything human which drives me.  A place I can detach from my learned behavior.   The search for a haven in my current experience.

The contrast in my life provides me with ‘Clues!”  Some of the revelations I have are less accepted by my unforgiving heart.   A clear view of who I don’t want to be.   I often see myself and a new desire of existence is born.  Sometime this is the cause of undesirable discomfort.  I resist the contrast in order to be relieved of the solution.  This is not what I really want!!

I want to create moments of liberation for myself.  I seek direction through the signs.  For instance, I got home with a piece of paper in my pocket that read, Henri or y, and I don’t remember the last name.  Anyway, my husband asked who that is and I retorted, “A reference”.  No matter, It is Not relevant any longer.  I threw the paper away.  Well, it fell into the trash from my hands.  I took it as a sign.  I don’t dig in the trash!!  ONLY AFTER MUCH DELIBERATION WILL I RETRIEVE OUT OF THE TRASH.  ONCE IT IS IN THERE, IT STAYS!!  Unless, I decide my current happiness depends upon it…..then I will make the acception.  Note:  I DECIDE my reality!



One response to “Dry Patches!?

  1. I also sit back and watch how circumstances create my day. And am very careful as to how I respond to these circumstances. Have a nice day love

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