Taboo Tuesday…..lacking the taboo!!

To start with, I want to give a blessed shout out to ALL!!  I am nesting back at the home front.  I am creating a fresh feeling palate with my bed as the focal point.  In this narrow room the bed fits with 1 foot space on either side (enough room for my pillows to hide).  I like sleeping with lots of pillows. In fact, I plan on making plenty of random pillows for the massage area, which is the only other theme for my room!  Lots of Good Feelings happen in a bed and on a massage mat, or table!

I am saving up for a lap-top.  Working toward a neutral, more central space for reading, blogging and morning writings.  I need am close enough to the kitchen and back door, since that is where all the day time action is.  The only Truth to the previous statement is about the action.  My bed is in place and all the rest will follow!!

Stay Tuned!!

This spell of rest allows me peace for the much wanted contrast.

Esther and Jerry Hicks The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

As you live your life, aware of your environment and all of its contrasting components, a natural process of clarifying your personal preferences occurs.  Sometimes these preferences are so fully conscious that you speak of them in terms of your desires, and sometimes they are more subtle and no words are spoken, for these preferences happen at many levels of your Being.  Even the cells of your body are points of Consciousness “who” are experiencing contrast and clarifying their preference.





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