Friday Favorites!!


When to go out….popping out!!

Tailored to fit!!

I get most of my cloths 2nd hand.  This top fits like a glove, as you can see!!  Yesterday I had some business in town with the wic office.  My attitude and bosom were both in check and ready to go.  Before going anywhere…..dressed in anything, (no matter how confident) I need to consider the social event. Check list:

CHECK, CHECK…..1,2!!

1. What is my purpose?  Being confident doesn’t justify inappropriate attire.   I sure don’t want to be showing more cleavage than the girls at the WIC office.  Besides, I pick up babysitting gigs there.  I wouldn’t mind leaving my son with me, cleavage and all.  Of course, I am partial to my cleavage and my great attitude about life of discovery!

2.  Is my attitude in tune with my expression of sexuality?  I like to wear things I am comfortable in.  Another day and time I may not be emotionally equipped for such a top.  TODAY, is not that day!!  I am wearing the top to the city.  My husband will be with me.  My eye contact will have everything to do with strangers and their response to me!  NOT WORRIED…..

In my discoveries, my eye contact has everything to do with what I attract to myself.  If I am unsure of myself and distracted by my need for others approval (wearing something for someone else), my experience becomes less than desirable and not at all what I REALLY wanted!

I want EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE!  I want to live FOREVER, discovering myself.  I understand I like attention.  Some might say I would be getting plenty of that by wearing this top.  You would be right.  The city trip was a success.  I went to a place where the girls were wearing less than I.



2 responses to “Friday Favorites!!

  1. Ha ha, I agree…get the puppies out any chance you get. It’s nice to feel admired in that way and it shouldn’t take away from any of the other things you are….it should enhance them! It’s great to be multifaceted!

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