Wednesday Wisdom

There is a path to those bluffs.  Put some drive into the forward motion.  Follow the path. Refocus when something(thoughts) distract you from your path.  Each time you reach those bluffs you will see something more about yourself and the world around you.

I am well, seeking not any ones approval.  This is crucial to my experience. I notice myself seeking others approval.  When others speak, I need not always agreeably respond.   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with Professor Dolores Umbridge (characters name), as the defense teacher of the dark arts presents a character of interest.  When spoken of or after she speaks, Dolores gives a slight giggle.  Seemingly ,a giggle of self-approval.  As if she needs to reassure herself of her purpose being just and correct. 

In seeing myself in this character, I am currently observing my purpose.  If others don’t respond quickly enough to me I often need to give myself permission and approval.  I notice my efforts by my expressions through thoughts, body language and words.  A little giggle to save my from my broken purpose.  I want to use my words well enough to express myself and I want my words backed up by progressive purpose.  When my soul purpose encompasses approval from others I am often left wondering what the heck just happened.  I want to approve of my behavior and understand myself well enough to know when I am veering off the path.  The path leads to those bluffs over there.  Getting to to those bluffs will consume my waking hours.  This path is less than 3/4 mile.  All the distractions along the way enjoyed, especially with a path to follow.

Genius is an insult to the world!

I said my husband is a genius.   A genius is someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity or originality typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.   definition from the Wikipedia
I think we are all genius. Through my diplomatic acceptance, I understand not everyone believes themselves so.  Caution and discernment should be considered in all our dealings with others.  If the subject is too serious or painful (one which could break the relationship), the recipients will let you know.  If it is your intention to end the relationship you can push on that lever till it breaks.

Through the acceptance of the perceived concepts (insights) I can learn about others and how far they might be willing to come along with me in my madness of feeling better.  It is not my intention to take over the social event, so….I WON’T!  I will be considerate of others feelings and insecurities.  When I am observing myself in a positive light, I can allow others their perceptions without needing them to agree with mine.  I wish you well, as I wish myself well.  When I am well others will be well.  I need not say anything to change their opinions about life.

We shall sit at the round table and progressively share our hopes and aspirations for our people and ourselves.  King Arthur sat with his nights at a round table.  The round table represents the oneness without attachment.  A place we ALL get a turn to speak, listen and embrace self-realization through our social involvements with others….just like us, Mortals!!



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