Taboo Tuesday!!

I consumed 3 Pepsi while at Mary’s.  Not all at once…..Silly!!  This time I brought one home for my husband and I to share.

Good Feeling Pepsi!!

It is rare that I drink soda pop.  We don’t by pop.  I am more than a diplomatic pop drinker.  Gross, huh?  I ate a quesadilla for lunch today, without Chad!!  I was not, yet, hungry for rice and lentils.

Rice and Lentils taste just like Meat….when you add bouillon!!

I like to eat with my family.  If we don’t know what to eat (that is to say the kitchen has food and I have no desire or motivation) we eat rice and lentils.  I have been known to sneak off to Mcdognuts for a groddy or two.  I believe the magic in eating is acheived with your family, whether it be groddies or rice and lentils.  The way you feel about yourself while eating has much to do with your health.

For instance, when I sneak off to indulge in dognuts ALONE, the guilt of the experience is not good for my digestion.  If you need to hide the wrappers from your family before you get home….you might be a dognuts lover as well.

I encourage us to look at our emotions and thoughts about the food we eat.  I want to believe, when I silently chant, ‘I have a perfectly health body and mind’.  Our self-healing bodies are interfered with through our reactions to worry and stress.  The Silva Method is a guide for better health.  With positive mental verbalized instructions and mental picture we can harness OUR healing energy.


What ever we eat today, WE SHALL BE ALL THE BETTER FOR IT!!







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