Behind Closed Doors

The wardrobe can go anywhere, OUT OF THE WAY!

The bed needs a place first.  Everything else can follow.  The kitchen and bathroom never move, for obvious reasons.  Any place is fair game at our house.  Currently, anyone who needs the restroom goes past our bed to get there.  Not private.  I need a private place to meditate, massage, snuggle down and sleep.

What….No closets?  This house was not built for you wardrobe babe!

Only one door is left inside the structure.  I took the bathroom door off and replaced it with a thick thermos curtain.  We make and hung a sign, Open on one side and closed on the other.  No body uses it though.  I never read it before barging in.  Our family eats together, sleeps together (my husband and I), reads together…..BUT, we do not S**T together. Duh!!!  Chad suggest a coordian door.  Not Really!  That is my dream.

The house is poorly sealed and the door was constructed, leaving 1/3 of the door in the wood shop.  Maybe it was a left over piece.  I don’t know.  It had to go.  For the sake of creating and discovering what I might want instead, I had to burn it.  The bathroom and our soon to be bedroom are the hottest and coldest rooms in the house.  In the winter you can see your breath.  There is no glass in the window right now!!

I climb into bed with my jammies on, then proceed to get comfortable under my down blanket next to my hubby!

Lincoln was born at home the winter we took the paneling off, exposing the (3 1/2 ” tall, 14″ long, 8″ deep) mud bricks and the tin roof…..No ceiling……No insulation!!  Last winter I insisted Chad start insulating, even though the roof leaks. 🙂  After the water birth, I walked myself to the bathroom accompanied by my mid-wife.  Lets just say it was cold and rainy that morning….Bbbrrrrr!

We won’t alway live here….But for now, I am Lovin It!

I am in this place, harnessing my creativity, expressing and experimenting.  The kids can write on the walls.  My bed can go anywhere, excluding the two previously mentioned rooms of permanence.  I get to paint any color.  Hot glue decopauge decor to the walls.  remember, the walls are make of dirt and straw.  No nails would be advisable.  The finish is cement and cement crumbles and falls off when the structure is compromised.  The carpet gets material patch work when frayedor missing.

These boot were make for walking!!

Someday I want a kitchen window which faces North.  A secret garden assessable through my sliding glass door of my bedroom.


The bed will be behind the ONE door left in this house.  A place I can go all out, in the nude, without any distractions.  Amen!!  The wardrobe can be burned, JUST KIDDING!!  I like my cloths.  I have been working on my wardrobe for years.  Thrift store 10 cent day gathers many budget shoppers.  a lot of work and expression has gone into my tailoring efforts. 

I have left some shelving chores for Chad while I am working at Mary’s today.  Hope he is motivated by my excitement and his quality time BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!


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