Sunday Confessions

Giving up Meth was the hardest thing!

In fact, renouncing my attachment was the FIRST thing to do.  Being very bored was the next thing to experience.  Life was not working out the way you wanted.  Sleepless nights, extreme anxiety, borderline personality disorders, powerless attachments to a controlled substance.  There is no room for poison and destruction.  In our time….we ALL get to die.  I knew this was no life for me.  I needed my health to consciously experience my body and mind.   I needed to discover a new way of life.

The hardest thing?!


The hardest thing is making it work with my husband.  If our relationship is progressive in discovering life TOGETHER, our son will be better because of our hard word and determination.  Trough our attachment to a better life we are doing the hard thing……WORKING IT OUT!!  We are choosing to love someone else , that much.  How much? I am choosing to allow my boys their space to discover.  I will not dress them up for the world to admire.  I will let them dress themselves and make sure their laundry is clean.  Dirty Laundry; by Don Henley

These boys are my GREATEST PROJECT.  I am only  barely able to fathom a working intimate relationship with someone else.  I am pretty shitty at it sometimes.  I curse at my husband, saying things I am sorry for later.  It is clear, when I am shamed of myself after a conversation or more often an argument.  I keep working at.  I keep silently chanting, I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind!!  I am re programming my mind and body.

YOU THE HEALER by: Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone

The World-Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others


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