Water me….I will grow!!

To grow spiritually, one must get shorter!

He puts up with her, even when she can not!

Ounce again, she is running to the meth and confusion, which clouds her mind and dulls her senses.


A fellow friend of attachment, taken by the aliens.  More on aliens in upcoming posts.

I was examining my tree.  I notice the pot is as deep as the height of the tree.  If I want the tree  robust and full of blessing(spilling over life), I will give it a short round-bottomed pot…..LIKE THIS!!

Going for a robust tree!


It is a beautifully progressive expression.  Much energy and Love went toward…..(WHAT?  I DO NOT KNOW)…..creating. Why would you do that?   Don’t be so quick to attach to my planter.  It is mine, remember!  Destroy something you created, is liberating.  I’m just not sure when liberation is acheived.  My grandmother gave me that McCoy planter.  Made to rest in a rope basket, which rotted in the New Mexico sun.

If needed, I could break it on purpose.  I tripped over the stoop bringing it in the house.  I thought about my attachment to the planter.  What if I dropped it and it broke?  I decided, even though the planter has no drain holes, the emotional connection to the planter is positively desirable.  I like the color, FOR NOW!  Lets say, for the sake of explaining myself better, any attachment I have on the planter has power over me.  Unless, I chose for empowerment, which is why I even see the plant at all.  I will enjoy the plant and my expectations of its understood environment.  GET SHORTER!!

I have been wanting that dam planter since I found the rope basket.  In fact, I showed up to this village with my sewing machine and a car that my mommy and grandparents bought for me.  Bless them for helping me and continuing to help me, when I can not help myself.  My other grandparents just gifted a car.  Thanks folks, I attacked to my oil burning, gas guzzling, ‘Brenda’.  I just named her.  And….this rope basket somehow came with me, six years ago this April!!  Six years free from the attachment some call, Meth. Speed. Rocket Fuel, bathtub, gassed, peanut butter, ice, glass. …….What the f**k ever.  It is poison.  Amen!!

Be it at the  kitchen table, coffee table, or NO TABLE…….where ever it is we feed our souls, with the medicine of the world.  I think our words can have healing properties.  Maybe the thoughts will change after the words we use change…..i don’t know.  Our words are an extension of our minds.  Before Webster words, we grunted and growled.   I believe our social skills have gotten worse the more the GDP goes up.  And that is why we still show our teeth at on another.  We react rather than respond!  Our awareness is clouded when we react to the world around us.  Responding is using more wise mind.  Taking control or our thoughts by creating and discovering.  Making the choice!  To follow the thought or not and how far, if at all.  Amen!!  May we nourish our relationships with ourselves through the hot food (fire inside) and wine ( in the evening).

Even if you don’t respond directly you are responding indirectly!

By not replying to an invitation you are saying” no”.  Is this better than saying,” no “, really?  I try to have my YES GUN loaded.  If I plan on not joining you in your adventurous discovering I will not respond, unless you force me!  And if you do that….I will pity your ignorance.  Don’t you just love to set people up?  Lead and they follow you right into the NO GUN.  Some times we shit and it really stinks.  Right?!?  I am going to try to stay in my dance space and you try to stay in yours!!


Wishing you well as I want to be well!!


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