Essential Medicine

Driving while writing is dangerous!

On my way to play with others, I pulled over to write this.  I need a tape recorder in the car.  I use an e-cig rather than tobacco when I am in the car.  When you chose to emotionally attach to the music, pull over and DANCE.  You will be the better for it!!  Recalling the movie by David Lynch, Lost Highway!!   My emotional attachment to thoughts communicate through my body language.  This is your life….BREATH, re-FOCUS on your purpose.  Drive!!  Discover TRUTH!!

I am gearing up for my morning with my employer (I gave her a name already, the wife of Mark.  For the sake of the reader I am going to call her Mary, in this post!  Thank you for your understanding!

I am never going to make it to work.  PIT STOP !!  BUMPIN TO THE MUSIC…..HIP-HOP !! BRAKE.BRAKE…..BOOM!!  For the sake of doing the hard thing ,(working with self-conscious thoughts: acting in accordance to please others) I DANCED!!  I hesitated, but I did it.  I looked around for a place to stop (where no one would see me, of course).  I knew I would be seen and that is not why I did it!  Do A Ditty Do…Do…Do (Hip-Hop, Bee-Bop).

I’m in a hurry to discover my medicine.  Be it, writing, marijuana, coffee, tobacco, relationships or psychedelics!!  These attachments, organized to fit into your day, within reason and discovered boundaries!  There is a time and place for everything, and everything in its place!  Said by a many women throughout time, including my grandmother.  I love YOU Nana!!  I want what I want. I am going to do the work and have fun discovering!!  I support self medicating. CAUTION: I DO NOT RECOMMEND SELF-MEDICATION ON YOUR OWN!!  I also have a good power team.  My psychiatrist, counselor, husband, etc….  I have nothing to hide from these people.  In fact, when it comes to my health, they know how much tobacco I use,  3-4 cups of coffee,  marijuana, vitamins….AND ON WITH THE MUSIC!!

Diplomacy for the sake of discovering!

I need my mop wet more often than I like to go to the sink.  Mary likes her mop Krystal clean, every time.  I came along the first time.  But this time, I am using my wits!  A few thousand square foot, AT LEAST!  I vacuum the vinyl floors and furniture, first.  Then, I mop and rinse the living and dinning room.  I need a water bucket at my station.  A rug to set the bucket on, the mop and the floor cleaner spritz bottle. “Is the bucket easier?”, retorted Mary!  Easier it is….Clean it is NOT!!  I mopped half the room before filling the bucket with fresh water, all the way out in the garage!!

“Wait till you get to the kitchen floor”.  She being, no doubt, excited about my progress.  Mary was preparing brownies,  pin wheels (tortilla wraps), cookies and beverages, for nine to play cards at 1:30.  1:30!!!! (gasp)  It is 11:30 now.  No problem, I got this!!  (sound of vacuum).  By 1:30, I was dripping wet.  My bandanna around my neck soaked.  My hair was as wet as the mop head.  I scrubbed that kitchen floor around the base boards, ON MY HANDS AND KNEES!!  Lucky for me  Mary buys the best products on the market.  She uses Meyer’s Cleaning Products!! Am I spelling it right?  RECOMMENDED WHILE CLEANING THE BATHROOM or (SMALL AREAS).  When cleaning you need to limit the toxins used.  Our bodies are fully opened up to receive.  Let it be natural and essential… good living!

Ready for the girls!!

Not every moment is a teaching moment!  Otherwise, a lesson for Me!

I think the proper way to potty train boys is by them cleaning the toilet.  Why?  The smell is enough.  A well-mannered young man will sit on the toilet in the morning to piss.  When he is more awake he will lend appropriate focus, to make it into the toilet.

REMEMBER: Life is not meant to rush.  I don’t want to die!!  Breath!  Art is never finished…..YOU just stop working on it!!  Good thing I Get paid by the hour!  Thank you recent employer.

How can you tell if you are in a safe place?

If you are scratching your ass!!  And…..I never scratch my ass out in public.  🙂


P.S  I am referring to David Lynch’s FIRST FILM, starring Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage.  It was not Lost highway.  Can you help me out?


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