Risky Business….coming out like this!?

I need relationships which I can engage  ALL day long and only be the better for it.  I turn down relationships, even at the risk of being alone.  I am developing more than morals.  I am deciding to fill the emptiness I feel with attachment.  Attachment to discovering the world around me in a progressive and enlightened perspective.

We make great efforts renouncing the crap that does not fit into our perfect imagined life.  This imagined life is possible through renouncing, and then, attaching.  I have renounced many unhealthy relationships with myself and others.  Making space for your ever evolving self is the result from cleaning out the closet!  These fulfilling relationships are distracting us from our perfect imagined life.  If you sit in an empty room (space ) long enough you will find new and progressive ideas about where to spend your energy.  Removing distractions leads to discovering new attachments.  Does the table exist because of our attachment?  You will eventually get down to the first attachment when you remove all the visible attachments (table) in your life (room).  The attachment to the breath (life force).  From the moment I took my first breath I began to adapt to the world around me.  Continuing to transform, cells multiplying, life blooming in her season.

NOTE;  I don’t use that word!  Words have power to create and destroy.  Words are given power when spoken.  J word encompasses the meaning.  Meaning: Judgement gives me judgement.  Something I don’t want in my life.  So I, take away its power by giving it a new name.

Attachment liberates.  I accept my attachments as apart of being human.  Attachment to the creative essence of discovering is guilt-free!  Just a thought!!  A, feel good, thought.

I need to do something with this life.  I am already saved from my human body.  My attachment to the breath, the first and last to enter and leave your body.  My attachments are feeding me.  I needed new attachments.  Meth (speed, is what you will see me refer. Methamphetamine  is the medical word….I think.  Anyway, for the sake of your attachment to the word, I am sharing my attachment (I empower the word by my choice to use it this way).  I went searching and found everything true, in its purest essence.

I TURNED TO MY SEWING MACHINE.  I use materials around me to inject with my creative essence. 

The universe (Law of Attraction) provides me with everything I am attracting to myself.  Be careful what you ask for, and truly mean it, you just might get it!!  I preferre the white arts.  We never bend others Will.  Looking to our own inventory is the path to achieving enlightenment.  If only in this moment, we know that pure love essence,…..WE ARE OF PURE LOVE ESSENCE.

Everyone has to breath, or you would surely die.  And I don’t want to die.  So BREATH!!  SMILE 🙂  LIVE….for every moment, moment to moment.

The food poisoning gradually attacked his body.  His defences weak.  He was vulnerable to the world of attachment.  Possibly, his addiction to eat out?  He recalls, no other time in his life being so ill.  This experience forced Chad into his kitchen.  Families can rekindle relationships, in the kitchen.  Friends can share tea and biscuits, over a good read!  I like the idea of spending quite time with other women.  Come together with a clear purpose.

That is why we use groups to help us with our relationships.  The group or club plays cards, crochets, reads books, race cars, exercise…..well you get the point!  The group engages in a commonality shared amoungst themselves.  Drug dealers for instance.  A group with attachments to money and fame!  I really don’t know.  I wasn’t and am not a drug dealer.  For the sake of braking down this group I will openly express and discover why their purpose is so broken…Dark. Like the pharmaceutical industry, destructive to the common good and health of the people.

The kitchen is a place to rekindle our love, over the flames of passion.  The desire to live being expressed in eating of food.  Did you know the range is easier to clean when heated.  The water on a sponge or wash cloth lifts the hard, crummy muck when heated.  Or is it….the heat lifts the???…Well anyways !!  I am careful with water where there is fire.  Ever listen when putting out a fire with water ?  Sss…TSSSSSssssssssssss!  Yikes!!



One response to “Risky Business….coming out like this!?

  1. Hi love, I was just dancing and chatting with a guy in my virtual playstation world and we were talking about attachment. He is a stock broker and is very good at reading and relating to people. I know right away when someone is looking into my mind and he was looking but was being very careful of my feelings. He learned to relate to make money but I told him if he gets too attached to the money and puts it first before the person he’s relating to, the attachment will cause pain..

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