Our Commonalities…as women!!

Hey girl, don’t be hating on me.  I bend over just like you do!!

Women are the fruit of the world.  When you nourish and water her, she grows!  As women, sewing the seeds of our future, we create relationships with the people around us.  My mother-in-law and I have a developing relationship, one of love and trust.  Love for our right to become everything our hearts desire.  Trusting one another in our resolution to make the world a better place!  Respecting the human experience.  We look for ways to relate.  We sometimes think we need to be alone and shut ourselves out from the beauty of it all.

Women compete, trying to keep up with the worlds perceived notion of a women.  Whether in a bikini or nude, the water hits us all with rejuvenating energy.  The dirt hides on our skin in the same cracks and crevasses.  We are in a day and age where women compete with men, women and the children.  Between you and I,  women should only compete in a tennis match.

I was out and about today, meeting with my power team.  My power team is all the people I socialize for the understood purpose of my health, money, .etc….. Finding a power team evolves with you and your specific needs and desires.  The idea is to find out from instinct and research, who is invited over for tea. I am attaching to the need to be a healthier me.  The session has come for the ingrown toe-nails to wither away.  I grow from these relationships, only because their purpose is clear.  Our commonalities match up.

I saw my podiatrist today.  NOTE: OPEN INVITATION FOR DOC.  HE IS GOING TO HELP ME FEEL BETTER.  I NEED MY FEET TO FEEL GOOD ENOUGH TO CARRY ME AROUND.  SOMETIMES I AM REALLY HEAVY!! Not really though!!  I use that expression to inform of my accepting them into my life.  I have a hidden friendship with these folks.  We don’t get to have tea, my therapist and I, for obvious reasons.  Our patient client relationship has boundaries(guidelines).

A good attitude about everything in life.  It’s good to shit on things too!   Depending on how hard you push on that lever, it could break!!  The solicitors can take some of that shit off of your shoulders.  When the caller ID reveals the noticeable number and you need to shit, don’t let me stop you, SHIT!! For goodness sakes!!  If we didn’t shit we would explode.  “Ouch…..”!

I try to bring people up by being up.  The vampires these days  are,  just , affected by the sunlight.  I believe that is because the world is getting darker.  The nights are a time to build your forces (@ home), where you belong…..o little one!!  Ignorance does not save you…precious one!  GET THE PICTURE?  Build the forces with the people close to you.  Develop a better relationship with yourself and the world around you.  Chose the attachments wisely.  Fear not in the arms of discovery. Be it the power team folks or your immediate family unit, courage, chance and hard work…..24/7 MAN!!

Hey to all my fellow heart breakers out there.  May the goddess bless and multiply all that we give and all that we receive !!  Let us mold and nurture the men of our perfect imagined life.  Couples massage practice is worthy of investigation.  JUST SAYING!!



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