Somehow , in a matter of 50 years, the women’s (feminine role) has developed masculine characteristics which include: dominating in all aspects of our personal life.


We are tricked into being liberated from our ancient ways (social roles).  I am no anti feminist, nor do I claim to understand the full meaning of feminist.  Is it possible that as women, we are led to indicision by a patriarchical world, who continues to suppress women.  They have made us believe we don’t need our husbands or family… but a career.  Maybe some of us have both, which gives you clout and power in my book.

My stance on the subject is for me to understand and not share?…….Being a republican and not able to speak of the reason or understandings on the why?….when?…  Why would any one want to covet such understandings to the young and ignorant, is beyond me!
Just saying…..what are you saying?
Before her fingertips of rose descended upon my dream state, my husband spoke out in his sleep, ” ???????”!  I replied, “I was thinking that too!”

Somewhere in between my sleep state and dream state I was communicating ….through a dream?….a dream that I was able to continue after sitting up in bed and consciously speaking to my husband.  I mean, I knew I had been dreaming and was aware of my dream and something I heard externally.  Perhaps, my husband was communicating to me through his dream and I him. We are not sure if we were having the same dream.

I believe life is magical and mysterious.  As for the scientific facts, A person can be guided in dream state by the external environment ( outside the unconscious or…is it conscious?)

Anyway, I was anticipating these emotions .  When  male ..OR female present, more often than not, someone will be playing a more masculine role than the other. Female on Female has  proven  similar in play.  In fact, I have been hoping and preying to meet a woman who could nicely play.  I know I am in time out from playing rough and tumble with my neighbor woman.  NO…NOT REALLY 🙂  But really…..!!  How does this have anything to do with the roles we play at home. I have a husband and he is masculine, only when I allow it.  I was thinking about the ways in which I dominate my husband?

The reason I try to submit intimately, on a daily basis is not because I am weak or feel I am doing this against my will….even if I am not to hot and determined to have an orgasm.  Is it not proper that the women spread her legs….NOT THE MAN!!  Well, in many ways I am grabbing my husband by the balls ( if you will) making sure he doesn’t get a hard on for me.  I am just not in the mood…fuck off!!


The reasons why I try to submit are against my better feminist judgement.

a) I am not admitting to these possabilities: 1.the whole world seems  better off if I can submit intimately. 2. From the moment you hydrate, you are dehydrating….(from the moment of truce with the world including yourself one can find the proper release in their sex lives. We all understand, ‘when a woman is happy the world is a better place.  Same is true in the mans case.

I love my husband and the man he ISN’T.  It must also be true that as a women I have the power to make or break, (create or destroy).

My deeper understanding of the matter is not  that understood.  What I do understand about myself is limited.  When I get into the idea of becoming the woman I want to be (sensitive and healing ) I am willing to make life interesting and curious.

Would the whole world be better off if the women would submit to her man …..AND ENJOY, AT LEAST THE IDEA THAT THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE BETTER FOR IT (your attitude included).   Truth is, wether it be your husband or feminist boss, you are submitting.  And frankly I believe the power worth having is the one you receive when you , as a woman, can willingly  submit to your husband first.  Maybe if you are husbandless the other works out for you better.  So long as we make the choice to continuously discover ourselves we will rediscover!  So for the sake of the reader and myself, I am humbly accepting the person who just spit all 🙂 and am willing to go out and experience my day for all that it has to offer.  And hopefully I get my way !!


4 responses to “Submitting2Submission

  1. You are not free until you choose for yourself, the path onto which you direct your life. It would appear, you’ve overcome the stereotypes and expectations of all sides. Congratulations.

  2. As you said, there are many ways to submit and many to submit to. I think that “submission” is often confused with sublimation or shoving your own wants and needs down for the happiness and pleasure of others. In submission, there is an element of trust and sometimes curiosity about what where you will end up. There is power in being willing to handover control but stifling your own wants is a different story.

    • There must be a way to get what we want , without sublimation. The way to save the world, or destroy it, depends on our relationship with ourselves. I beleive the realms of creativity encompass creating and destroying. We are always creating and rediscovering our belief system,d estroying the steriotypes of our history.
      I am glad you stopped by to share 🙂 Thanks so much for being an acctive part of my world.

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