On the Run :)

My day seems to open up to an accepting me when I write!

Going on two-weeks (I think) without Lithium, and something like a week off of Trazadone 🙂  I have a considerable less amount of anxiety and stress.  Life seems OK, just the way it is, in the ever evolving events of my daily activities!  What seemed  the end of the world, such as the dirty dishes or unfolded laundry has become my opportunity to realize ….for my sanity:


My understanding is that, If I feel my emotions taking over my existence and find no harmony in my daily activities, it is my duty to sit and recognize my thoughts, embrace my current situation. In doing so, I begin to desire a healthy expressive me.  Through the moments of despair I find I want to live, I want to clean those dishes, and not because they are overwhelming my existence….the world is here for me to experience in its fullness, so long as I am willing to!! I focus on the breath of each moment while each stroke of the sponge passes across the brim of the cup, which overflows with my likeness.

Otherwise, they are doing me no good and shall be removed from my visual distraction, so as to become one with my evolving self….to become better than myself and share the LIGHT with ALL.

I am off to see a client this morning!

May everything good and worth having be ours in a day full of awareness!!!


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