Challenge of the Week… be or not to be !! IS THAT A QUESTION?

As I enjoy the company of other mommies and their babes, I start to realize.  I realize the enhanced awareness in which I am receiving their realities. It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t need to internalize others perspectives as mine.  It is my responsibility to focus on what I have found in my life that which relieves me from suffering and to share my grace with others.  By doing this, they may find strength and seek out within themselves, truth that is evolving and freeing!!

Two of the moms are with child.  One is happy and anticipating her birth experience in water, with a mid-wife present.  The other is expressing her desire to give birth in a hospital without an epidural. While, both women empowered by their choices to have the best imagined birth experience, they are capable of imagining, there is something missing.

Both have a child already.  The other creating a challenge for herself ( if she can avoid the epidural this time, then she will have a water birth next time).  Now, I am partial to water birthing.  Nyle was born at home,in the water.  I am also partial to ALL empowered women giving full attention to their birthing experience, (hospital, home birth, water birth, or other wise).

As I have shared with these wonderful mommies, for me, the physical intensity decreased by 70%, in my attempt to gauge such a thing, by water birth.

Not only do I understand that when mommies get together it is our tendency to become self-conscious of our decisions, be it how we are bringing up our children, how we bake bread, why we might use cloth diapers or disposable, but I notice we miss out on the moment to moment nurturing experience of being an empowered mother and woman.

I am writing about this for reasons based on my understanding about myself.  My lesson today has been to detach from trying to save others from themselves.  Exercising my ability in being present and accepting of others is the challenge of the week 🙂  In fact, this has been an ongoing challenge for me.  I have no desire in competing with my fellow mommies, who are making marvelous steps in being present in their life, not excluding myself 🙂  I hope through my gentle, aware, and encouraging self, may I  embrace the moment that offers me relief from myself.

To bring these two together:

Why would we wait for relief from our pain, as the mommy who waits for the next time to have a water birth?  So, in short, I am in a space of allowing and disconnecting.  Disconnecting from the desire to want to change people.  For,in this moment that I am aware, I shall be FREE!!


2 responses to “Challenge of the Week… be or not to be !! IS THAT A QUESTION?

  1. There seem to be lots of people writing about awareness but very few who are aware.

    “So, in short, I am in a space of allowing and disconnecting. Disconnecting from the desire to want to change people. For,in this moment that I am aware, I shall be FREE!!”

    This is a great exercise for the aware person. Another great post, thanks

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