Breaking Boundaries…..with the strength to LIVE!!

A trip to the city was in order.  A trip to celebrate the time lost and a new stretch of careless radical behavior.  The sun was setting on one beautiful summer day, when Paula made a choice to get in the car.  When the girls arrived at a family friends they where plotting already.  Gabby was the oldest of the sisters.  Lola had an incredible appetite for the boys drugs and Gabby was happily going to accommodate the girls.  A drive which brought them to Gabby’s boyfriend , was one step closer to a revelation in Paula’s perspective.  Gabby driving and the boyfriend riding shot-gun, with Lola and I in plain view of the piece (gun) he had pulled out of his pocket.  Paula all of a sudden shifted gears in her mind, from getting in that car with no purpose or understanding of the social relations, to being aware and conscious of her surroundings.  She was now understanding the potential danger was yet to come.  While he raged on about shooting someone Paula sat in the back looking for a way out. The car swerved and jerked around while he screamed and spit all over the girls.

Playing it smooth can hardly be Paula’s complete state of mind.  Entering the apartment with a  severely unstable masculine figure and two girls who looked and acted as if their purpose was understood, would prove to be one decision Paula wished she had of questioned.  Lola was received by someone in the back room directly upon entering.  Gabby and her boyfriend became scarce. While Paula was left with four complete strange men.

As Paula pushed the envelope, the boys became more aggressive toward her masculine stance.  The case of beer Paula had brought was seemed to be the only thing she could hold onto, claim as hers, for her body was already being devoured.  While the boys continued to disrespect Paula’s property, the situation claimed her, as if day would never come again and those girls would never be the same.  Stuck in that very dungeon with no time on the clocks.  It was only a matter of time before the beer was consumed and the stalling would be over.

Silence will never give one who is needing a way out the key to escape, all the while the door is in plain view.  Bucky, spoke out on behalf of his buddy whom had led Lola to a dark room, behind the curtain of disease.  I felt as though she was under some spell ,  even the look on her face was proud but yet desperate and SCARED!  Bucky began to reach for straws in which to intimidate and scare me.  His fear, I believe was when he began to brag about his buddy giving my friend that NASTY, DIRTY word I refuse to spell or repeat, but has 4 letters and starts with an A and ends badly for those who have contracted it.  Curse be to the darkness…..and may we curse darkness with LIGHT!  AMEN!!

When Paula felt the angels wrapping her with LIGHT, and not before she wet herself, she became a fierce, unleashed animal.   As he began to speak of the danger my friend, Lola was in, the ANGELS carried Paula in a time when Paula could no longer avoid the inevitable. Paula began to demand the return of her comrade.  Paula became an ANGEL herself, fearing nothing but the rath of God.  Those girls needed an out.  With the grace of God and ALL HIS GLORY the dice was rolled and so were those boys.  And with the power force working together with Paula’s desire to LIVE and a greater plan sent from above, Paula and Lola have a testimony of GOD GRACE and the power in which he works through us and in our lives daily 🙂

NOTE:  Methamphetamines have been known to cloud ones rationale.  The purpose is only to get the next fix.  When one stumbles into logical reasoning while chasing the dragon it is sometimes no enough to save them from the life or death situation manifesting before their very eyes.


2 responses to “Breaking Boundaries…..with the strength to LIVE!!

  1. As these circumstances are shared with many of our people, so is the discovery of ourselves. Truely there must be only so many ways to express the truth when it is known through ones experiences, hopes and asperations! Glad to be connected:) I am looking forward to reading your blog!!

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