UnRoot your Tree…..discover who you want to be!!

As I push through her loosely woven boundaries

I discover how deep her rooted tree.

Her ingrained past borrows time to stall.

Let her manic phase not shed a tear

When focus and understanding is so near…..For mania has saved her

thus far, from a life born of some other star!

Desperate memories to anchor her below…..Beneath the deep where nothing will grow!

Will this be her destined path…..to become a lingering soul ALAS?

Sleep light my child…..and awake on your feet, for your demons await DEFEAT!

Prepare for battle with your demons, FOR THERE IS NO DARKNESS WHEN YOU ARE PRESENT!

Is it not true…..that heaven is within you?

The storm blows hard and sweet, so one day you might grow a peach and BELIEVE in yourself as in a dream!

If only you knew the battle of survival was out of your hands…..LIFE’S GREAT MAGIC WOULD HAVE A CHANCE!!



2 responses to “UnRoot your Tree…..discover who you want to be!!

  1. This is beautiful, thank you. Reminds me of something I wrote;

    At some point in my life I became aware of the seed of God deep in my being. I nurtured this seed with thoughts and actions of love and peace and truth and freedom. I protected this seed from the attacks of the world and never betrayed the integrity of it’s being.

    As the years went by I discovered that most of the people around me had either sold their seed to the highest bidder or had fed it thoughts and actions motivated by fear until it withered and died.

    Finally after finding out that I could not be bought or scared into submission, the world decided to erase me. But by this time the seed of God had become my main reason for being and I fought a long hard battle to protect it. Alas I was overwhelmed by superior odds and was trampled to death.

    But lo and behold I found out there is no death. And when I looked inside my being to the place where the seed of God was planted, in its stead was a magnificent, radiant tree. The minions of the world attacked the tree with their machines and weapons only to find out their weapons were useless and their machines broke down. So at the end of the siege the little egos of the world took their broken toys and left.

    It was then I realized I was not the trampled ego lying in the dirt but the magnificent, radiant tree with roots sunk deep in Mother Earth for sustenance. I no longer needed the world but now the world needed me.

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