And so I Breath……obsorbing and awakening my senses !!

Earlier this week, I read a blog,Β It’s Monday morning….what’s on your horizon?

After reading her post I was prepared to make my week a courageous and satisfying one.

For some time now, I have been trying to incorporate this into my life. For me, a stay at home mommy of a toddler, a week filled with social events, activities that include Nyle and I, and a bit of ME TIME, brings my week to a pleasant and satisfying close. I have no desperate encounters to chase after, no unturned rock to be scouted. I am satisfied with the week in which I put my ut-most effort, in being a better wife, mother, friend, and women of the community.

There are some things I do daily, weekly, and monthly. Well, truth is: my plan either goes accordingly or life just gets in the way. And by that, I mean, emotions prevent me from being a fully realized woman , with all her ducks in a row and plenty of energy to perform with standing ovations. πŸ™‚

This week my son and I made it to four, mom and kid play groups, I volunteered at a Mommies celebrated event, swimming with the community, one library trip, which included story time and crafts (great turn-out). Not to mention I handed out my number TWICE πŸ™‚ and received numbers TWICE πŸ™‚

It is no surprise that I am feeling tired today when my feet hit the floor. Truth is I always hit the floor running when my precious babe needs me!!
I was aware of the moody woman, at which point I started to make the BEST PANCAKE BREAKFAST EVER!! I believe being aware of ones emotions and acknowledging to myself that I was tired and hungry helped me get through the tough part of the morning. After which, I slugged out the doors to enjoy the moist ground from the rains which had come last yesterday and the clouds were still holding out the heat. In the mean time I found two baby lizards. Baby lizzzards are sluggish and timid. So, I swooped them up and made a comfy morning spa for them until my son could see them. And then we let them go πŸ™‚

Nyle went for his nap and I began to wonder how I could get the more….. out of this beautiful Friday.

My blessings of rejuvenation came from the little cheap-cheaps who had hatched during the night. They came be-boppin out of the junipers trailing our youngest hen. Of course, they have hatched beyond our property, in the neighbor’s yard. Taking a closer look, I notice the tree branches have made it quite difficult to walk around. Our neighbors of 90 years old are dear and kind and while I am unable to safely walk around I know they are in need of my attention( the neighbors and the branches).

So, I breath and imagine the life force of the deep-rooted trees lending me the strong foundation in which they have embedded themselves!

I breath in the scent of juniper that surrounds me !

All the while I sweat. I sweat the poisons out and take in natures cleansing, ever evolving presence.

And I ponder the life my neighbors have enjoyed. Raising up six children, I don’t know how many grandchildren, and thirty-three great-grandchildren πŸ™‚

When a pang of negativity (my thoughts) come to invade my moment of pure love, love for the breath, I breath in that waking , joyous moment. I BREATH in deep and focus. I HEAR. I hear nature encouraging me to live and experience the world around me. To embrace my youth and the precious moments of truth.

And I FEEL. I feel the branches crumble and crackle beneath my burdens. So, I BREATH AND LISTEN……and I hear the praise of justice. Justice when the seasons change and the mulch underneath me support glory for a new beginning.

And when I hurry to complete the chore which brought me to this experience, I BREATH….allowing myself a moment to rejoice in my ability to be present in this moment of justice…GLORIFIED JUSTICE!
Not for praise….for experiencing another moment ALIVE..and able to illuminate the world around me.

Well, truth is, I want to be acknowledged….and then I BREATH. All the while I am attempt to internalize this moment of truth.

And so, I write while I BREATH…AND FOCUS on the shadows created by the warming sun, which is peering through my hat onto my tablet of uncensored expression!!

When I look up I see all that is good…in the birth of my awareness. I receive the breeze on my face like the leafs on the trees and the birds underneath their wings…..


I breath and receive grace…’from the myself’, if only for a moment.

Today, in those thirty minutes, I breath in all the things glorified by GOD…..



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