Breaking Boundaries……Chapter 2

One will lie, cheat and steal under the influence of such motivated desires.

Somehow these girls made it to the Army.  One having just had an abortion,and the other, well on her way.  Socially, Paula and Lola where reaching out with both fists clenched.  After the physical examination, and the stern nurses, the girls were loosing control.  Emotions and lack of a fix where driving them to an obvious state of melt-down.  Quite frankly the idea of leaving the one thing she had found to ease the pain, was turning her inside out.  When the testing came to a close and the dragons milk was dry, Paula had managed to get sworn into the military.  This was not surprising, for she was smart and a physically able girl.  Lola would not be joining her though, the Military does not accept pregnant girls.  Lola had lied about the abortion and when the hormone showed up the journey was over.  No way was admittance to a lie going to be acceptable to either parties.


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